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If frequency furnace startup operation and shutdown operation


Because the induction furnace has a complete operation control measuring device, can implement automatic control. High thermal efficiency, temperature control accuracy can reach ±1℃, can reach more than 95%.

And if the size of the furnace can be customized, users can choose their own furnace according to their own needs. If furnace installation is very simple. The user buys a new stove from the manufacturer and quickly installs it himself.

Then there is the use of intermediate frequency furnace. About the safe operation of intermediate frequency furnace, we will tell you some tips today.

In the use of intermediate frequency furnace, in order to ensure the use of safety and working rate, we need to understand the safety operation of the intermediate frequency furnace matters for attention, then do you know the switching operation of the intermediate frequency furnace?

Start up operation

Switch on and off the upper voltage switch frame, observe whether the voltage and ammeter indication of the three-phase incoming line are normal, and adjust the power potentiometer to a small value.

Press the control power switch on button, after 2 ~ 3 seconds press the "main circuit switch on button", and then press the "inverter start button", IF power supply starts to work, at this time DC voltmeter, ammeter, IF frequency meter, power meter are indicated.

After successful startup, slowly adjust the power knob to the required power position and input power; If the intermediate frequency is not established (i.e. the start is lost), press the "inverter stop" button to reset it, and then press the "inverter start" again.

Shut down operation

When the machine stops, first turn the power adjustment button to the smaller position, and then press the "inverter stop" button.

If you need to stop for a long time, press "inverter stop" first, then press the main current disconnect button, and then press the "control power disconnect" button.

The above steps cannot be inverted!

At this time, the internal circulating cooling water of the intermediate frequency power supply and the electric heating capacitor can be shut down (referring to stopping the operation of the circulating water pump of the system), while the internal and external circulating system of the furnace body can only stop the pump and water operation when the surface temperature of the furnace lining is reduced to below 100℃.

If cooling water is stopped in winter, it must be considered that the water in the pipeline will freeze and crack. You can use such methods as heat preservation, draining water, and adding water glycol.

Our Luoyang Judian is the manufacturer of intermediate frequency furnace. You can pay attention to us to learn more about the problems of intermediate frequency furnace.

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