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Casting Iron Molding Line

  • The aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling production line is mainly used to produce aluminum rods with diameters of φ9.5mm, φ12mm and Φ15mm, aluminum-magnesium and aluminum-magnesium-silicon and other high-strength conductive alloy rods.

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Product Introduction

The casting iron molding production line is mainly used for the casting of ductile iron and gray iron castings, such as ball mill covers, rainwater manhole covers, ball mill casting pipes, bearing seats, gears, construction fasteners, automobile ball mill castings, and motor shell casting. The automatic fountry casting line specially developed by our company according to the market demand is especially suitable for small and medium production capacity. Luoyang Judian can provide construction plans and technical support for the entire foundry according to customer requirements. Provide complete solutions from melting equipment, molds, molding, process training, cleaning and other processes.

Process Flow

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