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Scrap aluminum recycling and casting


The location of the project is in Vietnam. Customers have a lot of waste cans and waste aluminum castings, hoping to complete the reintegration of waste metal and aluminum resources through our equipment. The user's budget is limited, so we recommend that the user use an 8m long aluminum ingot wire as the aluminum ingot production plan. In the plan, we recommend that the user use an electromagnetic melting aluminum furnace to solve the problem of energy saving and power saving.

The electromagnetic melting aluminum furnace has the following characteristics:

1. The smelting speed is very fast, the burning loss rate is low, and the recycling and melting yield of waste aluminum can reach 92%;

2. The discharge method is flexible, and the bottom discharge can be fixed and the furnace body can be turned to discharge;

3. The equipment adopts induction heating method, which saves energy and electricity, has good stability and high reliability;

4. The matching automatic casting line can realize continuous production operation.

5. During the smelting process, the molten aluminum does not flow or turn over, reducing oxidation and keeping the composition unchanged.

In this project, the output of the solution we designed for the user is 500KG per hour, which can fully meet the actual needs of the customer. Users choose to adopt our solutions and equipment, which not only recycles scrap metal aluminum, reduces environmental pollution, but also brings benefits to themselves through the new aluminum ingot production line. The equipment is currently running in good condition.

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Scrap aluminum recycling and casting
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