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Causes & Solutions of Electric Leakage in Induction Melting Machine


Various faults may be encountered during the use of the induction melting machine, but most of the leakage of the induction melting machine is caused by insulation problems, including the leakage of the shell, cooling water, coils, and other parts. In fact, the insulation protection is damaged. The following editor will introduce to you how to solve the leakage of the induction melting furnaces and the corresponding reasons for the leakage, hoping to help you.

Judian induction melting machine

Reasons for Leakage of Induction Melting Machine

The Insulation Layer of the Shell Falls Off

The reason for the leakage of the shell is generally that the insulation treatment of the shell is not in place. Under normal circumstances, the shell of the induction melting machine will not leak electricity.

Water Leakage from the Hose

The cooling water hose passes through the slideway in the furnace. If there is water leakage, it may directly contact the power supply in the furnace, resulting in a short circuit and grounding, resulting in electric leakage.

Internal Circuit Grounding

If the leakage of the induction melting machine shell is only felt as a weak voltage, it may be the leakage caused by the grounding short circuit of the shell. If the leakage voltage is too high, it may be caused by the internal circuit grounding.

Inter-Turn Short Circuit of the Induction Coil of the Induction Melting Machine

Water leakage in the induction coil will cause ignition between the coil turns. The short circuit of the coil often occurs on small induction melting machines. The frequency is higher than usual.

How to Solve the Leakage of Induction Melting Machine

Leakage of the Shell of the Induction Melting Machine

The inside of the furnace must be kept clean, and the scale in the furnace must be cleaned irregularly. If any knotted material falls off, it must be repaired with the same material and dried. In addition, focus on checking whether there is any hose leakage or water seepage. If it is a heating furnace, there are two stainless steel slides in the furnace. Use stainless steel screws to press an annealed copper wire with a cross-section. Use stainless steel screws to fix one end of an annealed copper wire to the feeding port. The other end of the copper wire is connected to the ground. The cross-section of the copper wire is not less than 6 square millimeters.

The furnace can also be driven into the ground with a piece of steel brazing, a screw rod is welded on the steel brazing head, and the copper wire is pressed on the screw rod, so that the induction electricity on the stainless steel slideway can be directly shielded into the ground, ensuring the safety of the operator.

Leakage of Cooling Water

In order to avoid accidents during the use of the induction melting machine, grounding should be done when connecting the power cord, and the shell should be grounded according to the general low-voltage equipment standard, and repeated grounding is allowed. The leakage of cooling water may be related to the leakage of the hose. It needs to be repaired and replaced in time. At the same time, ensure that the cooling water equipment is installed in an environment without severe vibration and the room temperature does not exceed 40°C. At the same time, maintain good ventilation and heat dissipation conditions in order to maintain the performance of cooling water.

Leakage of Induction Melting Machine Coil

The leakage and short circuit of the coil is easy to occur in the actual operation process, because the leakage of the intermediate frequency electric furnace coil causes the coil to ignite, so the repair welding of the coil should be done in time before it can run. At the same time, check whether the molten steel is adhered to the coil. It will cause the copper tube to burn through and cause leakage and a short circuit, so the steel slag should be removed in time.

The above is the editor's answer to the problem of how to solve the leakage of the induction melting machine. I hope it can help you. During the operation, you should also do a good job of personal protection. Wearing insulating gloves and insulating shoes can better protect your own safety.

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