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3LPE Pipe Coating Machine

3LPE pipe coating machine mainly includes steel pipe shot blasting and derusting machine system, spiral conveyor line, operating platform, extruder system, dehumidification, induction heating system, hydraulic station system, lifting and beveling system, water cooling system, compression Air system, electrostatic powder spraying, recovery system and other equipment.

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  • This 3LPE pipe coating machine is widely used to spraying polyethylene to the external & internal surfaces of oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, heating pipelines, water supply pipelines and other fields.
  • The operating diameter of the production line is: φ89mm-φ2500mm, and the length of the steel pipe is 8m-12m.


  • High Precision:
    It can effectively solve the problem of plastic bending springback of bent pipes, and precisely control the elongation and forming radius of steel pipes.
  • Wide Range of Processable Pipe Diameters
    The diameter range that can be processed is 89mm-2500mm. No need to change the mold when the pipe diameter changes greatly.
  • Highly Automated
    The whole production process is controlled by microcomputer to automatically adjust the coordination of each part of the production line. This can save the labor cost to the greatest extent.
  • Energy Saving
    Large long diameter ratio screw and new direct connection technology decrease energy consumption by 30%.

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