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The main products are medium frequency melting furnace, medium frequency heating furnace, waste steel, copper, aluminum secondary melting furnace, molten steel refining and rolling, open and closed cooling tower, medium and high frequency surface quenching equipment, steel production line and other complete production line equipment.
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Induction Heating Furnace

Heating temperature is between 200-1400 degrees.

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induction furnace for steel heating - Judian
Billets Heating Furnace

Induction billet furnaces can heat billets to temperatures ranging from room temperature to over 1200°C.

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steel slab heating furnace - Judian
Steel Slab Heating Furnace

After the Slab is pulled out from the continuous casting machine,Surface temperature is 750 ~ 850℃.

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Steel tube induction reheating furnace - Judian
Large Pipe Heating Furnace

Induction online heating of large steel pipes is widely used in the heat treatment of various high alloy steel pipes required in oil drilling, geological drilling, coal mining, infrastructure exploration and other fields.

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steel induction melting furnace - Judian
Induction Melting Steel Furnace

The melting furnace mainly melting the steel, iron and metal. The equipment is mainly composed of power control cabinet and melting furnace body.

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stainless steel melting furnace - Judian
Stainless Steel Melting Furnace

The casting method adopts hydraulic tilting casting, which can increase the stability of the equipment and improve the production efficiency.

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aluminum melting furnace - Judian
Aluminum Melting Furnace

Aluminum melting furnace for melting aluminum alloy; Raw materials include aluminum ingots, scrap aluminum castings.

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copper melting furnace - Judian
Copper Melting Furnace

Copper melting furnace is a special melting furnace for non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass and electrolytic copper.

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zinc melting furnace - Judian
Zinc Melting Furnace

Mainly used for smelting all kinds of zinc scrap zinc.

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cheap gold melting furnace - Judian
Gold Melting Furnace

This machine uses water circulation cooling, the highest temperature can reach 2000 degrees, the melting time is 3-4 minutes per pot.

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closed cooling tower system - Judian
Closed Cooling Tower

The closed cooling tower is mainly used to provide cooling effect on high power heating elements and furnace induction coil.

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aluminum ingot casting machine - auto ingot conveyor - Judian
Aluminum Ingot Casting

This equipment mainly used for automatic casting of aluminum ingots, it can reach 8 Ton per hour.

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