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Debugging of the induction furnace - Judian

Quality Supervision

As a leader in the metal thermal processing industry, the guarantee of raw materials and quality of products will allow us to win more customers. The professional quality inspection team of Judian provides supervision of each component of the product, test machine before delivery, and test to ensure that we Every piece of equipment delivered can work perfectly, we can provide video, online factory inspection and other services.


After-sales and Service

As a manufacturer, our aftermarket team will ensure you get the support you expect and the craftsmanship you deserve.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we know that the most important thing is after-sales support. We have a full after-sales team ready to help and can provide overseas after-sales installations. We provide 7*24 hours professional knowledge answer and 1 year after-sales guarantee.

induction metal melting furnace temperature test - Judian
Designing of an Induction Furnace - Judian

Technical Support

Whether you operate or own a foundry, smelter, heat treatment plant, steel mill or other business that needs to heat metals, we can provide complete solutions and lifetime technical support. We provide comprehensive assessments and cost-effective advice. Provide plant design, production process formulation, overall equipment layout, circuit layout, transportation scheme design, such as the layout of melting, heat preservation, heating and rolling systems.


Training Operation & Maintenances

As a manufacturer of complete line equipment, accurate and effective employee training and retraining is critical to maximizing and maintaining the productivity and safety of your meltshop and foundry employees. Judian's professional trainers provide comprehensive guidance. Our training will make it easier and more standardized for employees to operate. Preventive maintenance guidance also helps protect valuable equipment from premature failure and suboptimal operation.

Remote Control of the Induction Furnace - Judian
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