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Induction Heating Furnace

The applications of the induction heating furnace for forging:

  • Pre-forging heating: applied to gear, ring gear, bearing, shackle, and rigging.
  • Online heating: Pipe anti-corrosion coating, long steel rod heating, steel (wire) tube online quenching and tempering.
  • Local heating: U-bolt bending, thermal assembly of the drum, steel pipe elbow, etc.
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Product Introduction

The induction heating furnace is mainly used for heating metal materials before forging, extrusion, hot rolling, shearing, and heat treatment of metal materials, such as quenching, tempering, tempering, and the like. The heating temperature is between 200-1200 degrees.

Product Features

  • The induction coil is insulated by two insulation treatments, high-temperature insulating paint, and fiberglass ribbon winding.
  • The top of the furnace body is designed with a sliding cover, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection.
  • Equipment installation and operation are simple.
  • The induction heating furnace covers a small area.
  • Stable and reliable heating temperature.
  • Power consumption is about 280kw·h/ton.

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Technical Parameter

Model Power Input(3-Phase 4-Wire 50/60Hz) Power Output Capacity(Kg/h)
Power Voltage Current DC Current DC Voltage MF Voltage MF Frequency Steel Copper Aluminum
KGPS-50 50KW 380V 80A 100A 500V 750V 1-8KHZ 125 282 234
KGPS-50 50KW 380V 80A 100A 500V 750V 1-8KHZ 125 282 234
KGPS-750 750KW 380V










0.2-6KHZ 1875 4230 3510
Working Temperature: Steel 1250℃, Copper 900℃,Aluminum 500℃
Power Consumption:  Steel 350-550KWH/T, Copper 150-300KWH/T, Aluminum 180-400KWH/T
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