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Aluminum Ingot Casting

  • 4-26 meters long, containing minimum 48 molds to maximum 314 molds.
  • It works combining with 300kg to 3-ton induction melting furnace to realize automatically ingot casting.
  • The mold can cast 6.5kg, 10kg, and 15kg aluminum ingots and customized weight available.
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Product Introduction

Judian ingot casting machine is mainly used for the automatic casting of aluminum ingots from various scrap aluminum combining with aluminum induction melting furnace.

Product Features

  • The diverter of the ingot casting line casts smoothly. The molten metal is distributed more evenly. Therefore, the surface defects of the ingot will be reduced.

  • The entire production line adopts an integrated design, making installation more convenient.

  • All molds are made of cast iron that has undergone a heat treatment process to make demoulding easier.

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