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Furnace for steel melting


Metal smelting furnaces typically have the following functions:

Furnace for steel melting

Heating function:

Provide high temperature to melt steel raw materials, usually using high-temperature flame or electric heating element.

Melting vessel:

The inner vessel is made of high-temperature resistant materials and is used to contain and heat steel raw materials.

Exhaust gas treatment:

furnace for steel melting Reduce the environmental pollution of exhaust gas and smoke through filtration or other methods.

Temperature control:

It has a temperature control system to ensure stable temperature during the smelting process.

Material addition and discharge:

It is convenient to add raw materials and discharge finished products, usually through the feeding port and discharge port.

Energy efficiency:

The design should improve energy efficiency and reduce production costs and environmental impact.

Safety measures:

furnace for steel melting Equipped with various safety devices and systems to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

Specific design and functionality will vary by manufacturer, use and size.

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