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How to control the temperature of the induction furnace


Among the induction furnaces produced by Judian, the medium frequency induction furnace is a hot-selling product.

After the user buys a new furnace, there is a problem that must be considered when using it. That is how to control the working temperature of the intermediate frequency furnace.

In response to this problem, we have summarized some knowledge and experience here, and shared with you today.

It is mainly about the cold start and start-up operation of the intermediate frequency furnace.

IF furnace cold start

At cold start, the lining material needs to be given enough time to reversibly expand and seal before the molten metal contacts the lining to avoid cracks due to thermal shock.

For the intermediate frequency furnace, the temperature of the thermocouple in the middle of the effective coil is to control the temperature, and gas combustion can also be added at the bottom of the furnace to help reduce the temperature difference between the upper part of the furnace and the entire furnace lining.

During the cold start process, 3 to 4 K-type thermocouples should be used to detect the temperature, and the thermocouples should be placed close to the furnace wall or furnace bottom.

Start to use low-power power transmission, gradually increase the power, and after 15 minutes to 20% to 30% of the full power, make up the small cracks that appeared when the furnace lining is cooled, and then send the full power.

After the heat preservation is over, the charge is quickly melted, and then put into normal use.

Start-up operation of intermediate frequency furnace

Close the switch of the incoming line low-voltage switch frame, observe whether the three-phase incoming line voltage and ammeter indication are normal, and adjust the power adjustment potentiometer to a small value.

Press the control power on button, after 2 to 3 seconds, press the main circuit on button, and then press the inverter start button, the intermediate frequency power supply starts to work, at this time, the DC voltmeter, ammeter, intermediate frequency frequency meter, and power meter have indications.

After the startup is successful, slowly adjust the power knob to the desired power position and input the power.

If the intermediate frequency is not established, it means that the start is invalid, press the inverter stop button to reset it, and then press the inverter start again to establish the intermediate frequency.

This is what we share today, about the use of the intermediate frequency furnace.

Welcome to Luoyang Judian to learn more about the medium frequency induction furnace.

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