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Composition, Working Principle, and Features of Induction Furnace

induction furnace work principle - Judian

As an intermediate frequency heating equipment, the induction furnace is mainly used for metal heating and melting in the metallurgical industry. Let us briefly introduce the induction furnace working principle, its composition, and its specific application.

Composition of Induction Furnace

Aluminum shell structure: intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor bank, aluminum shell furnace body, water-cooled cable, reducer, tilting furnace operation box, etc.

Steel shell structure: intermediate frequency power supply cabinet, compensation capacitor bank, steel shell furnace body, magnetic yoke and water cooling cable, hydraulic station, tilt furnace control box, etc.

Induction Furnace Working Principle

Induction furnace heating metal mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. The current passes through the inductor coil to generate a magnetic field, and the magnetic field cuts the metal in the coil to generate an eddy current and the metal heats up for heating. It is widely used in pre-forging heating, steel bar quenching and tempering heating and metal smelting.

Working Characteristics

(1) The induction furnace has a wide range of applications and can be used for the smelting of steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, and other materials.

(2) The use of intermediate frequency smelting technology can quickly increase the temperature of smelting metal, and the heating range is uniform, which is beneficial to scum and reduce impurities;

(3) The equipment is small in size and light in weight. The smelting capacity ranges from several kilograms to several hundred kilograms. The selection range is huge. It is suitable for both factory production and small-scale smelting in schools and research institutes.

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