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Induction Furnace Knotted Material Construction Method


Today, the editor of Judian will introduce some good construction methods for knotting materials of the induction furnace.

Knotting is a critical process step when using an induction furnace.

First of all, we need to build the bottom of the furnace. Fill the bottom of the furnace with the asbestos cloth and add the mixed crucible material. After tamping with an air pick, the thickness is 80-100mm. Rake the surface and add another layer. 40-60mm building charge, and then tamping.

Repeat these operations until the building charge reaches the specified height. (It is flush with the induction coil of the second layer at the bottom, and the thickness of the furnace bottom is 150-180mm).

After the bottom of the crucible is knotted, put on the crucible mold (welded with 5-8mm thick steel plate to form the inner shape of the crucible), and adjust the position so that the center of the crucible coincides with the center of the induction coil, and correct the center position.

Place three wooden wedges at a 120-degree orientation to prevent the crucible from skewing, and place a weighted iron or heavy object in the crucible to fix it to prevent the mold from being lifted when the furnace wall is hit.

To build the furnace wall, first, harrow the bottom of the crucible, add a layer of 40-60mm charge, and use a tamping machine and a flat hammer to carefully line the furnace bottom and the corners of the furnace wall.

Then use a tamping machine to tie the furnace wall in multiple layers: first rake the furnace lining between the crucible mold and the asbestos cloth, add a layer of 40-60mm thick mixed charge and ram it with an air pick (be careful not to touch it). Break the asbestos cloth to avoid leakage).

After tamping, loosen the surface, add a 40-60mm thick mixed charge layer, tamper with an air pick, and repeat until it is flush with the top of the crucible mold.

During the construction process, it should be ensured that the layers are well connected, the compactness of the furnace body is uniform, and the deflection of the crucible mold should be strictly prevented.

Build the furnace collar, apply a layer of water glass on the furnace collar, mix the charge with water glass, attach it to the furnace according to a certain slope, and decorate it smoothly. After tightening and solidifying, brush a layer of water glass, take out the crucible mold, dry it naturally, and enter the oven.

When knotting the material, it should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to contain conductive substances when mixing the charge, and it must be strictly inspected when mixing to ensure that the mixer and the site are clean and tidy to prevent debris from entering the charge. The lining at the corners of the bottom and furnace wall must be compacted and compacted.

Here's what we shared about induction furnace knotting.

Luoyang Judian is a professional manufacturer of induction furnaces. Welcome to pay attention to us and solve more problems with furnace repair for you.

Judian Induction Furnace Knotted Material Construction Method
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