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Parameters of medium frequency induction furnace


In the metal hot processing industry, induction furnace has the characteristics of fast heating speed, uniform heating temperature, process energy saving and environmental protection, and is very suitable for users to use electric furnace equipment. When the user chooses the induction furnace, there are some parameters to know in advance. Luoyang Hongteng Xiaobian will introduce you to the selection of induction furnace parameters.

1. Determine the material of the heated metal

Induction furnace is metal heating equipment, can steel, iron, gold, silver, alloy copper, alloy aluminum, stainless steel and other metal materials. The heating process of various metal materials is different, so when determining the parameters of induction furnace, it is necessary to determine the material of the heated metal first.

2. Determine the heating temperature of the heated metal material

For induction furnace, the most important parameter is the heating temperature, heating temperature is not the same for different heating purposes, according to the heating process requirements to choose the appropriate heating temperature.

For example, the heating temperature of forging is generally 1200℃, the heating temperature of heat treatment and tempering is 450℃--1100℃, and the heating temperature of casting and melting is about 1700℃.

3. Determine the size of the metal workpiece to be heated

Furnace heating metal workpiece, and the weight of metal workpiece also has a great relationship, metal workpiece weight and metal workpiece heat absorption has a certain relationship, in the unit time to be heated to different temperatures, high temperature workpiece requirements of medium frequency induction furnace heating power to be large.

4. Determine the productivity of induction furnace

Among the parameters of induction furnace, the productivity is one parameter. We need to make a reasonable production plan in advance and determine the production quantity of each year, month or shift. The production quantity can help us determine the detailed productivity of the electric furnace.

5. Other parameters

When the induction furnace is used for forging heating, the required parameters are: heating material, workpiece size, workpiece weight, heating temperature, heating efficiency, feeding method, temperature measurement method, cooling method, transformer capacity and phase number, occupied area and site situation.

This is the knowledge about induction furnace parameters we share today. I hope I can help you. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Judian, let us provide you with more furnace services.

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