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Safety Rules for Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace


The intermediate frequency induction melting furnace is a special device. The operation of this device is dangerous. Therefore, in the production process, we must strictly abide by the safety rules of the medium frequency induction melting furnace. Today, Luoyang Judian will introduce safe operating procedures for the medium frequency induction melting furnace.

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Operation Rules of Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace

  1. 1. Before starting the furnace, we should start the operator of the mid-frequency unit first. At the same time, we should check whether the furnace body, cooling system, mid-frequency power switch, and dumping machinery are normal. If you have any problems before starting the furnace, do not do that until everything is OK.
  2. 2. After starting the mid-frequency units, we now can turn on the power switch and start the furnace.
  3. 3. When opening the furnace, you need to put the materials into the furnace first. And then, open the water cooling system before turn on the power switch of the medium frequency. When stopping the furnace, we can only disconnect the power supply by noticing the mid-frequency unit in advance. Cooling water should continue for 5-8 hours.
  4. 4. There must be no closed container, tube, or other explosives in the furnace. The furnace must be dry, without water or ice, or snow. When loading the furnace, the hammer is not allowed to be fierce, and it should be lighter or tapped to avoid damaging the furnace. When the furnace burning reduction exceeds the regulations, the furnace should be stopped for repair.
  5. 5. The tool should be placed in the designated place, and it should be baked first when used.
  6. 6. We should sandwich with pliers after preheating, slowly, and adding them in batches when adding alloy steel to the furnace. When joining, the operator's face should avoid the furnace's mouth.
  7. 7. When pouring the liquid steel into the ladle, we should shut down the power first. Also, we should bake to dry the ladle. And then, do it slowly. There should be no stagnant water in the pit in front of the furnace.
  8. 8. Pay attention to the surrounding personnel to avoid ironing flowers.
  9. 9. When there is a failure of electrical lines, we should test and repair it right now. When checking the ditch, inductive rings, cooling water pipes, and other electrical appliances, pay attention to prevent electric shock to yourself and other personnel.
  10. 10. The hoisting bag should not be too fast, and the iron water should not be filled with it (should be a certain distance from the pouring bag) to pour with your hand. When walking, you should cooperate with each other. Do not hurry to stop and stop. If the iron water is splashed out, let it go steadily, and it is not allowed to be wrapped.
  11. 11. When the water is discontinued, the leakage furnace, and the inductive ring insulating layer rupture and leakage shall be immediately stopped to detect and repair.
  12. 12. When disassembling the furnace of the medium frequency furnace above half a ton, take care of and cooperate with each other.
  13. 13. After stopping the oven, cut off the total switch of the power supply and leave the water valve before leaving.

The above is the safe operating procedures for the mid-frequency induction melting furnace shared by Luoyang Giant Power. We hope that everyone will operate strictly in accordance with the security regulations when using the induction melting furnace. We must try to avoid serious safety accidents such as stove damage and operator injury due to improper operation. If you have other safety operation suggestions about the intermediate frequency induction melting furnace, please contact us.

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