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What to Know When Buying a New Furnace


Before users buy a new electric furnace, they need to be very interested in the induction heating principle of the melting furnace. Today we will introduce the heating principle of the melting furnace in detail.

The method of electromagnetic induction heating is that when the magnetic flux surrounded by the conductor loop changes, an induced potential will be generated in the loop. Similarly, the conductor in the alternating magnetic field will also generate an induced potential under the action of electromagnetic induction.

An induced current (eddy current) is formed in the conductor, and the induced current overcomes the resistance of the conductor itself to generate Joule heat, which is used to heat the conductor itself to heat up and melt, so as to achieve various thermal processing purposes.

Therefore, the basic components of the induction heating system of the melting furnace include induction coils, AC power sources and some workpieces.

The coil is connected with the power source, the power source provides alternating current for the coil, and the alternating current flowing through the coil generates an alternating magnetic field passing through the workpiece, and the magnetic field causes the workpiece to generate eddy current to induce heating.

The advantages of electromagnetic induction heating are

Heat is generated in the workpiece itself, and the heating method has a fast heating rate, so the heating rate is high, the process repeatability is good, and it is more energy-saving.

The heating object does not need to be in contact with the induction coil, so the oxidation decarbonization is less and the heating rate is higher.


Induction heating uses three types of AC applications: surface, proximity, and ring, which can do local heating, and the product quality is good, and it is easy to control and labor-saving.

The temperature control precision is high, and induction heating is easy to achieve uniform heating. The application of temperature control system can realize temperature control, low energy consumption and no pollution.

Because of these advantages, the application range of intermediate frequency induction heating is very wide. There are the following scopes of application:

It can be used for hot extrusion and hot rolling of billets before forging to complete the diathermy of billets;

It can be used for heat treatment processes such as quenching and tempering of parts;

It can be used to smelt metals, that is, our smelting furnace, mainly smelting black, non-ferrous and rare metals;

It can sinter refractory metals such as tungsten and molybdenum at high temperature, as well as powder metallurgy;

The depth of frequency heating is 2-10mm, which can be used to heat large gears.

This is what we have shared today about the principle of electromagnetic induction heating in melting furnaces, I hope it can help you.

Judian is a manufacturer of induction furnaces. Welcome to follow us and let us provide you with more furnace services.

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