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Why Does the 100kg Induction Furnace Price Differ Greatly?


The medium frequency induction melting furnace is a kind of melting furnace commonly used in the foundry industry. It can melt a variety of metals into liquids to meet the needs of the foundry industry. When purchasing an intermediate frequency induction melting furnace, we found that the same 100kg induction melting furnace has a big difference in price. Why is there such a big difference in the 100kg induction furnace price? The price of a 100kg induction melting furnace mainly depends on the selection of materials for each part of the furnace. Next, Luoyang Judian will give you a detailed introduction.

Furnace Shell and Yoke

The weight of the standard 100kg aluminum shell furnace is 450Kg and the thickness is 40mm. The weight and thickness of the furnace body produced by some manufacturers are often not enough, so the price will vary greatly. For steel shell furnaces, the most important thing is the choice of yoke. The choice of yoke for steel shell furnaces of the same model is different, and the price gap is very large. The yoke should generally be made of brand-new high-permeability cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and the thickness of the silicon steel sheet is 0.3mm. The yoke adopts a profiling structure, and the inner arc surface is the same as the outer arc of the induction coil, so that the yoke can be close to the outside of the induction coil, and the coil can be restrained to the maximum extent to reduce magnetic flux leakage. The yoke is clamped by stainless steel plates and stainless steel on both sides, fixed by welding, and cooled by water.

Copper Pipe

The heart of the melting furnace is the induction coil. The induction coil is made of copper tubing. The effect and price of cold extruded copper tube and cast copper tube are very different. The induction coil should adopt T2 cold-extruded copper tube with a rectangular cross-section, and the surface insulation treatment of the copper tube should be electrostatically sprayed to achieve Class H insulation. In order to protect its insulation strength, the surface is wrapped with mica tape and non-alkali glass ribbon respectively, and then coated with moisture-proof insulating enamel.


The thyristors used by various manufacturers vary in quality. Good quality thyristors have good temperature sensitivity, fast response, and low failure rate. Therefore, the quality of induction melting furnaces using silicon-controlled rectifiers from well-known manufacturers is more stable and reliable.

Power Supply Cabinet

Regular manufacturers use standard spray-painted cabinet shells instead of iron-painted cabinet shells. And the dimensions and specifications of the power cabinets are all standard. The height, width, and thickness of the power cabinet produced by some manufacturers are not enough, and some even put the reactor outside the power cabinet. The regular manufacturer's intermediate frequency power supply is equipped with a low-voltage switch inside, and the user does not need to configure a voltage switch cabinet separately.


The capacitor cabinet for reactive power compensation must be equipped with a sufficient quantity. Generally, the value of capacitor compensation is 18-20 times the power of the power supply.


The main material of the reactor is silicon steel sheets, and new products produced by regular manufacturers should be used instead of recycled second-hand silicon steel sheets.

Water Pipe Clamp

There are a large number of water pipe connections in the complete set of equipment for intermediate-frequency melting furnaces. Strictly speaking, stainless steel clips should be used for water pipe connections, and it is better to use copper slip knots. The slipknot is easy to install and disassemble and requires no maintenance. It is especially suitable for water-cooled cables, which are conducive to current transmission and will not cause water leakage, which is safe and reliable.

It can be seen that the 100kg induction furnace price is closely related to the various components in the furnace. When you buy a 100kg induction melting furnace, you must find a qualified induction melting furnace manufacturer to avoid various problems during use.

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