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Advantages of Aluminum Shell Furnace You Must Know


An aluminum shell furnace is a type of industrial melting furnace used in the aluminum industry for melting and holding aluminum alloys. Typically, it has an aluminum shell. And, it is lined with refractory materials to withstand high temperatures and prevent damage from the molten metal. The aluminum shell refers to the use of aluminum alloys in the construction of the furnace's charging door to withstand the high temperatures and chemical reactions involved in the melting process.

Judian Aluminum shell Furnace

Applications of Aluminum Shell Furnace

Aluminum shell furnaces are commonly used in foundries and casting operations for the production of aluminum parts and products. They are typically fueled by natural gas or electricity and may be designed for batch or continuous operation. In addition to melting and holding aluminum alloys, these furnaces can also be used for refining and alloying, as well as for heat treatment processes such as annealing, quenching, and tempering.

Advantages of Aluminum Shell Furnace

1. Judian Aluminum shell furnace body is made of Top quality aluminum alloy and has no recycled aluminum inside;

2. When the aluminum shell is assembled, the coaxial correction is carried out, to ensure the furnace is tilting concentric;

3. Tilting structure is adopt universal self-lubricating eccentric bearings, to prevent the dislocation flip imbalance during furnace tilting;

4. Judian aluminum shell furnace adds a high-temperature and high-voltage resistant insulating material between the two halves of the furnace body during assembly, with insulation strength over 5000V. To ensure that the furnace body will not conduct electricity and magnetic;

5. All the pull rods used in the furnace body are made of 304 steel material;

6. The furnace mouth is cast with aluminum alloy, which is more durable than the traditional refractory brick and doesn't need to be replaced;

7. There is no asbestos in the Judian aluminum shell furnaces, which meets Europe standards;

8. The top gland is cast and formed at one time. Customers can cast the gland on-site, easy to operate and maintain;

9. The furnace bottom cast material contains anti-expansion material to prevent the furnace shell from being torn by the high temperature;

10. All induction coils are equipped with anti-falling devices.


Aluminum shell furnaces are an important tool in the aluminum industry, providing a reliable and efficient means of melting, refining and alloying aluminum alloys for a wide range of applications.

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