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How to Bake Graphite Crucible of the Aluminum Melting Furnace?


The graphite crucible induction aluminum melting furnace needs to be baked before use.

Why Bake the Aluminum Melting Furnace?

First of all, graphite crucibles have excellent high-temperature resistance. However, new crucibles often contain a certain amount of moisture and other impurities before use. These impurities may produce gas at high temperatures. They may adversely affect the aluminum melting process, such as generating bubbles and reducing the purity of aluminum.

Secondly, the main purpose of baking the furnace is to remove moisture and impurities in the furnace and graphite crucible. Thus, it ensures the stability of the aluminum melting process and the quality of the aluminum. The furnace can effectively improve the purity of the graphite crucible and reduce the generation of impurities during the aluminum melting process.

Therefore, to ensure the smooth progress of the aluminum melting process and the quality of aluminum, graphite crucible aluminum melting furnaces usually require baking before use. This can effectively remove moisture and impurities in the crucible, providing good conditions for the subsequent aluminum melting process.

graphite crucible

How to Bake the Aluminum Melting Furnace?

First Use of the Crucible Baking Method

  • 1. 15KW power, when the temperature rises to 80℃, keep 3 hours.
  • 2. 20KW power, 80℃ rises to 150℃, the temperature reaches about 150℃, and is kept at 150℃ for 4 hours.
  • 3. With a power of 30KW, heat the furnace to 150℃. Then raise the temperature to about 220℃ for 3 hours.
  • 4. With a power of 40KW, first heat the furnace to 220°C, raise it to about 300°C and last 2 hours.
  • 5. At 50KW, first heat the furnace to 300°C. When it rises to about 380°C, please keep it for 1 hour.
  • 6. Turn the power to 60KW, raise the temperature to about 450℃, and keep for 1 hour.
  • 7. When the temperature rises to 450℃, the furnace baking finishes. And the materials can be put in and start to melt.

Note: The above parameters will vary according to actual conditions and are not absolute. For example, if sparking occurs at 30KW, immediately adjust to 25KW. If it also sparking, directly adjust to 20KW and continue baking. We need to gradually turn the power down until sparking no longer occurs.

When baking the crucible, the furnace body can be tilted to 30-45 degrees to facilitate the flow of moisture.

If there are any problems during the baking process, please contact the manufacturer for confirmation as soon as possible.

graphite crucible of aluminum melting furnace

2. Secondary Use of Crucible Baking Method

After a long power failure or shutdown, increase the power to 20KW for 2 hours; then increase the power to 30KW for 2 hours. Finally, raise the power to 40KW for 1 hour. Then we can put the material into the furnace, turn up the power to the rated power, and start to heat up and melt.

Things Forbidden When Using the Graphite Crucible

1. To avoid the crucible being hot and cold, put the cold crucible into the hot furnace body, or put the normal-temperature aluminum alloy in the hot crucible. Avoid physical shocks.

2. When the furnace is stopped, the molten liquid should be scooped out to the lower position to avoid the solidified molten liquid in the crucible. When the crucible is heated twice, or heated too fast, causing the cracking of the crucible.

3. During smelting, when one-third of the liquid or half of the liquid, the crushed material or ingot added can not solidify the liquid level. Once the liquid level solidifies, it is easy to cause the bottom of the crucible to crack.

4. Emergency measures: emergency water source or emergency power supply (power, lighting) or emergency hydraulic pump, the user will consider according to the production scale and power supply quality.

5. There is a fire front accident pit directly under the furnace, and build refractory bricks. Once the furnace leaks, the molten fluid will quickly flow to the furnace's front pit. At the same time, the rear side of the stove should be protected.

6. Regularly check the leakage and poor circulation at the connection of each cooling pipe, especially the power cooling part, to avoid equipment damage.

7. In the need to cut off the whole power supply, we must first cut off the power supply of the electric cabinet and then cut off the power supply of the control box.

graphite crucible of induction aluminum melting furnace


The main purpose of baking the graphite crucible aluminum melting furnace before use is to ensure the dryness of the furnace and the crucible and to remove possible impurities. Thus, it can ensure the smooth progress of the aluminum melting process and the quality of the aluminum.

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