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How to Make the Operation of Medium Frequency Melting Furnace Easy?


The intermediate frequency melting furnace is a piece of equipment used for smelting metal materials. It mainly uses medium-frequency power as the heating source. An intermediate frequency melting furnace usually consists of an intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor bank, melting furnace body, water-cooled cable, connecting copper bar, inductor coil, movable furnace body, fixed bracket, magnetic yoke, furnace leakage alarm device, water temperature alarm device, furnace lining material, hydraulic system, tilting furnace operating platform, hydraulic cylinder, and circulating cooling water.

Judian medium frequency induction furnace

Types of Medium Frequency Melting Furnace

There are many types of intermediate frequency melting furnaces according to different classification methods.

According to the type of metal smelted by the intermediate frequency melting furnace, it can be divided into intermediate frequency melting furnaces for melting scrap steel, intermediate frequency melting furnaces for melting aluminum alloys, intermediate frequency melting furnaces for melting stainless steel, and intermediate frequency melting furnaces for melting copper alloys.

According to the tonnage of the intermediate frequency melting furnace body, it can be divided into intermediate frequency melting furnaces of different specifications such as 0.25 tons, 0.5 tons, 1 ton, 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, and 20 tons.

In addition, intermediate frequency melting furnaces can also be classified according to different intermediate frequency power supply modes, including series mode and parallel mode, as well as single power supply mode and dual power supply mode. In the series mode, one set of electric furnaces has one set of transformers and one set of series resonant intermediate frequency power supply systems. Each set of electric furnaces adopts double furnace bodies and supplies power at the same time. In the parallel mode, one transformer corresponds to two sets of intermediate frequency power supplies, and two sets of medium frequency power supplies are configured. The furnace body is switched by two electric furnace changing switches.

Ways to Operate Medium Frequency Melting Furnace Easily

To achieve easy operation of the intermediate frequency melting furnace, the following measures can be taken:

Automated Control

Use an automated control system to realize remote control and operation of the intermediate frequency melting furnace. Operate through the computer interface or mobile APP to realize automatic control of the smelting process and reduce manual intervention and operation difficulty.

Intelligent Smelting

Real-time monitoring and adjustment of the smelting process is achieved through intelligent smelting technology. Data during the smelting process, such as temperature, pressure, ingredients, etc., are collected through sensors and transmitted to the control system. Real-time adjustments are made based on data feedback to ensure the stability and accuracy of the smelting process.

Simplify Operation

Simplify the operation process and steps and reduce the difficulty of operation. By optimizing the smelting process and equipment structure, the operating steps and time are reduced, the difficulty of the operation is reduced, and the convenience and efficiency of the operation are improved.

Reliability Guarantee

Improve the reliability and stability of equipment and reduce failures and downtime. Through regular maintenance and upkeep, the normal operation and service life of the equipment is ensured, and backup equipment and emergency plans are adopted to avoid the impact of equipment failure on production.

Humanized Design

Optimize the appearance and operation interface of the equipment to improve the ease of use and humanization of the equipment. Through the simple and clear operation interface and comfortable operating environment, the difficulty and fatigue of operation are reduced, and the operation efficiency and comfort are improved.

At Last

The intermediate frequency melting furnace has high efficiency and uniformity during the melting process, but it also has the disadvantages of high cost and high maintenance requirements. When choosing to use an intermediate frequency melting furnace, comprehensive considerations need to be made based on actual needs and production conditions.

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