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10 Ways to Extend the Service Life of MF Induction Furnace


The service life of the MF induction furnace determines to a large extent the production cost of a metal smelting plant. Therefore, how to extend the service life of the medium frequency induction furnace as much as possible is the top priority in the production process. Today, Luoyang Judian will introduce to you 10 methods to extend the service life of MF induction furnace.

Judian MF induction furnace

Control the Heating Rate

In the early stage of the induction furnace, avoid heating the rate too high, otherwise the water in the furnace lining will lose too quickly, which will easily cause cracks and shorten the furnace life. The heating rate should be controlled according to the actual situation and the crystal transformation phase diagram of quartz.

Reasonable Use Process

The sintering layer of the new furnace is thinner, and new furnace technology should be used to avoid intermittent melting that is hot and cold. During smelting, high temperature melting should be avoided as much as possible to avoid excessively high furnace lining temperature. During use, when the furnace needs to be shut down for a long time due to malfunction or other reasons, the molten iron in the furnace should be poured out to avoid cracking of the furnace lining when the molten iron condenses.

Reasonable Selection and Use of Materials

The refractory materials of medium frequency induction furnaces must have good properties, such as high refractoriness, high capacity and stability, high atmospheric temperature strength and high temperature thermal strength. At the same time, refractory materials with good thermal shock resistance should be selected to resist severe temperature changes and the occurrence of cracks.

Density of the Furnace Lining

When building the furnace, the furnace lining should be pounded to a density of more than 2.3g/cm3. At the same time, smoking and carrying debris into the work site are strictly prohibited.

Regular Maintenance and Upkeep

Perform regular maintenance and repairs on electric furnace equipment, such as frequently purging coils and removing debris from coils, etc. to prevent furnace dismantling caused by equipment failure and effectively extend the service life of the furnace.

MF induction furnace

Pay Attention to the Furnace Conditions

During use, pay attention to the furnace conditions, including the conditions of the furnace bottom and furnace walls. If an abnormality is discovered, timely measures should be taken to deal with it.

Reasonable Use of Cooling Equipment

When the furnace is shut down for cooling, cooling equipment should be used to uniformly cool the furnace lining to avoid stress concentration caused by excessive temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the furnace lining.

Avoid Cold Furnace Startup

Vertical cracks are prone to occur when a cold furnace is started. Low-temperature oven drying should be performed first, and then melted.

Maintain a High Metal Liquid Level

Maintain a high metal liquid level to make the furnace eroded uniformly. Insulate the furnace at a lower temperature before pouring to shorten the time the furnace lining is in a high temperature state.

Dry the Materials to Be Melted

During the smelting process, dry molten material should be used, and the material should be placed gently and frequently. When the molten material in the furnace is melted to the required level, it should be poured out in time to avoid high temperature and increased furnace lining loss.

Judian medium frequency induction furnace

At Last

The above are 10 methods introduced by Luoyang Judian to extend the service life of MF induction furnace. Of course, there are many ways to extend the service life of medium frequency induction furnaces. I hope everyone will try their best to use the medium frequency induction furnace according to these methods to extend its service life, reduce production costs and improve efficiency.

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