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2023 Most Comprehensive Introduction of Billet Reheating Furnace


The working principle of the medium-frequency billet reheating furnace is mainly based on electromagnetic induction heating. When current passes through the coil, a strong alternating magnetic field is generated. Then, the metal material generates an induced current in the alternating magnetic field, causing it to heat. This quickly heats the billet to the required temperature.

Features of Medium Frequency Billet Reheating Furnace

Judian billet reheating furnace


High Efficiency and Energy Saving

The medium frequency heating method is more energy-saving than the traditional resistance heating method and can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Fast Heating Speed

Medium-frequency current can produce high-density magnetic lines of force, which induces eddy currents inside the metal material and generates heat. The heating speed is faster than traditional heating methods.

Precise Temperature Control

Medium frequency billet reheating furnaces are usually equipped with a temperature control system to accurately control the heating temperature.

Environmental protection and safety

The medium-frequency heating method does not require burning fuel. It does not produce waste gas, wastewater, waste residue, and other pollutants, and meets environmental protection requirements.


Higher equipment cost: The equipment cost of medium frequency billet reheating furnaces is usually higher than that of traditional resistance heating equipment, requiring more capital investment.

High operating technical requirements: The operation of the medium frequency billet reheating furnace requires professional technicians and has high operating technical requirements.

Troublesome maintenance: The maintenance of the medium frequency billet reheating furnace is relatively troublesome and requires regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Medium Frequency Billet Reheating Furnace Applications

Medium frequency billet reheating furnace is widely used in the field of metal thermal processing, mainly used to heat the cooled steel billet.

Steel Production

Billet reheating furnace is one of the equipment widely used in the steel industry. It is used to heat the cooled steel billet, or the steel billet pulled out from the continuous casting machine to reach the required processing temperature. After the steel billet is heated, it can be further processed by rolling, casting, forging, and other processes to manufacture steel products of various shapes and specifications.

Heat Treatment

During the steel production process, heat treatment is required to improve the mechanical properties, organizational structure, wear resistance, and other characteristics of the steel. The billet reheating furnace can provide the required high-temperature environment to heat the billet to the appropriate temperature, and then through quenching, annealing, normalizing, and other processing methods, the steel can obtain ideal properties.

Bending and Forging

The billet reheating furnace can provide enough heat to the billet to reach a pliable state for bending and forging operations. In fields such as shipbuilding, automobiles, and machinery manufacturing, steel billets can be bent, stretched, forged, and other processes after heating to meet the shape and performance requirements of parts and components.

Preheating Before Welding

This is for the welding of some special materials or large-sized structural parts. The steel billet needs to be preheated before welding to eliminate internal stress and increase the toughness of the structure.

How to Choose an Intermediate Frequency Billet Reheating Furnace?

Judian steel billet reheating furnace

When purchasing an intermediate frequency billet reheating furnace, you need to consider the following key factors:

Heating Requirements

First, it is necessary to determine the type, size, and quality requirements of the steel billet. Different billet reheating furnaces have different application ranges and power output capabilities. Make sure the furnace you choose can meet your heating needs.

Power and Efficiency

The power of a heating furnace determines its heating capacity and efficiency. Higher-wattage furnaces can achieve faster heating rates, but energy consumption and running costs will be higher. Choose the appropriate power level to balance heating speed and energy efficiency.

Control System

The control system of the heating furnace is crucial for precise control of the heating process. Consider whether the heating furnace has advanced control features such as temperature control, current control, and protection functions. The use and reliability of the control system also should be easy.

Safety and Reliability

The heating furnace should have stable working performance and safety protection functions. Pay attention to the safety performance of the heating furnace, such as overheating protection, power supply stability, etc., to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

Maintenance and After-sales Support

Choose reliable suppliers to provide reliable technical support and after-sales services. Learn about furnace maintenance requirements, troubleshooting, and parts replacement issues to ensure smooth long-term operation.

Cost Consideration

Comprehensive consideration of factors such as the purchase cost, energy consumption, maintenance costs, and operating costs of the heating furnace. Only by this way, can you select a cost-effective heating furnace.


The medium-frequency billet reheating furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. It is a necessary equipment for modern steel, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, and other industries. Different brands and models of medium-frequency billet reheating furnaces may have differences in specific applications and operations. Therefore, we need select the furnace according to actual conditions.

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