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Buy a new IF induction furnace and know these when using it


Medium frequency induction furnace is one of the main mechanical equipment for metal induction thermal processing, which has the characteristics of stable melting process and high efficiency. But if induction furnace in the process of use, there will be some safety risks.

With regard to the use of induction furnace, there are many things to pay attention to in smelting operation. Judian editor summed up some knowledge in this respect, and today to share with you.

Pig iron: FOR the medium frequency induction furnace with the advantage of fast smelting, it is agreed that it is better to add pig iron in the early stage of smelting. This is because the shape of pig iron is relatively uniform, and it is easy to obtain high induced current, which is conducive to improving the smelting speed.

Carburizing agent: for medium frequency electric furnace, it is best to add carburizing agent gradually when the metal charge is added. If added too early, the carburizer will adhere to the bottom of the furnace near; If added too late, it will not only lead to the delay of the adjustment of molten composition in the furnace, but also may cause the error of excessive heating.

Ferrosilicon: the higher the Si content in liquid iron, the slower the carburizing speed when adding carburizing agent. Therefore, it is better to add ferrosilicon later for the medium frequency induction furnace with weak stirring force. The addition time is too early, the metal charge has not yet melted, will also play the opposite role of promoting oxidation.

Metal charge: induction furnace smelting, although not frit, if from the start of the power is filled with charge, will make the load of equipment becomes large and hinder frequency transformation. In addition, parallel frequency conversion intermediate frequency induction furnace in the state of high load when the frequency change disorder, for this reason, the metal charge or successively added for good.

Precautions for heating up: When the electric furnace is heating up, in order to avoid the change of the properties of liquid iron during this period, the furnace cover should be closed as far as possible to prevent the heat dissipation of the liquid iron surface and achieve rapid heating up.

From the safety point of view, do not add the charge in the later stage of melting, because in the already heated large amount of molten iron, add the pig iron with rust and moisture, when it is immersed in the depth of molten iron, it will explode, causing molten iron splashing.

When the intermediate frequency induction furnace operators are working, they must wear protective equipment, such as gloves and protective clothing, to ensure their personal safety. It's also the most important part of any job.

Managers should be guided and trained in their daily work. Strengthen the staff for the medium frequency induction furnace equipment safety production knowledge, develop good habits, used to deal with some common emergencies.

This is our sharing of smelting operation of induction furnace today. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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