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About the Cooling System of the Induction Furnace


The cooling system is a vital part of the induction furnace. Today we are going to discuss with you the intermediate frequency induction furnace cooling system.

The water cooling system is a very important supporting equipment in the process of a metal melting furnace. The parts that need water cooling are these: IF power supply (generator set and SCR frequency conversion device, in which the cooling water used by SCR frequency conversion device needs to be softened), inductor, capacitor, flexible cable, etc.

In order to save water, we usually adopt the method of circulating cooling. The cooling water circulation system includes a water pump, closed cooling tower, water tank, and so on.

The Importance of Induction Furnace Cooling System

Melting furnace facilities are high-power electronic devices. Important components such as silicon-controlled, flat-wave reactors, capacitors, induction coils, and water-cooled cables all need water cooling. The inner diameter of many cooling pipes is only about 8mm.

If the power of the electric furnace is small, only the circulating pool can be used. The electric furnace with larger power should adopt the way of circulating pool and cooling tower. When designing, we should pay attention to separating the circulating water of the electric furnace and the electric cabinet, because the outlet water temperature of the electric furnace is about 55℃, the outlet water temperature of the electric cabinet is about 40℃, and the temperature difference is more than ten degrees.

If the production line can meet the conditions, or the local water quality is very hard, try to use pure water (distilled water) in the circulation system.

Types of Cooling Systems

At present, pure water cooling system products have closed (copper tube movement) and heat exchanger type two, the former covers an area of small, but high cost, and the latter covers an area of large, but low cost. Both methods can complete the pure water closed cycle to achieve cooling.

When using the induction furnace, some users do not pay attention to the configuration of the water cooling system. It will lead to the circulating water temperature being too high, and the circulation system into debris, resulting in scaling and plugging, silicon burning, and burning reactor these faults, causing unnecessary losses to the whole production line.

We should choose the appropriate cooling system according to the actual situation of our electric furnace.

This is our share today, welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Judian, let us solve more doubts about the metal smelting furnaces for you.

Judian Induction Furnace Cooling System
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