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Understand thyristor failures before buying a new induction furnace


Thyristor, also called thyristor, has the characteristics of on-off and off-off switch, is an important component to ensure the normal operation of induction.

If the thyristor is overloaded, the components will be damaged and broken down, so that the intermediate frequency furnace will stop production, affecting the normal production efficiency.

Before the user buys induction furnace, need to understand some common faults about electric furnace control cabinet.

For example, the thyristor in the furnace control cabinet.

Judian editor for you to introduce the IF furnace thyristor fault and the corresponding solutions.

Thyristor breakdown at run time

The thyristor cooling water channel is blocked or the water flow is small, the scale in the radiator water chamber is too thick, and the heat conduction is not good, resulting in overheating of the components.

It will cause the thyristor to heat up, increase the turn-off time, and even cause the components to be unable to turn off, causing the inverter to subvert and burn the thyristor.

The connection line of the current transformer is loose, which makes the synthetic signal of the circuit formed by the inverter pulse of the alternating Angle method have phase changes and trigger phenomenon in advance, resulting in the failure of the inverter current conversion.

Poor contact of the main loop connection, such as water cable breakage. As a result, the loop is suddenly disconnected under the condition of high current, which causes the flat wave reactor to generate high self-inductive potential and breakdown of the inverter and rectifier thyristor.

After replacing the thyristor, the thyristor will burn

After REPLACING THE NEW THYRISTOR, DO NOT START THE DEVICE IMMEDIATELY. First of all, check THE system to remove the fault, and then start the device in the case of confirming that the device is fault-free. Otherwise, there will be a start to burn the thyristor phenomenon.

Pay attention to pressure equalization when installing new thyristors.

The reason of silicon burning in induction furnace is the mechanical damage of the thyristor chip.Causing the voltage resistance of the thyristor to drop significantly,Silicon burning occurs when the device is turned on.

Burn thyristor after work

The electrical components of the control part have poor thermal characteristics. The thyristor is misaligned with the radiator.

The radiator has been used many times or pressed too much on the small table thyristor,Cause the radiator mesa to be concave, cause the radiator mesa to be in poor contact with the thyristor mesa, and burn the thyristor.

The above is the introduction of thyristor fault of IF furnace. After we buy the electric furnace, we should find abnormalities and deal with faults in time when using it. Pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance, so as to improve the production efficiency of the intermediate frequency furnace and extend its service life.

Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Judian for more information about induction furnace.

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