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How Do Induction Aluminum Melting Furnaces Heat Metals?


Induction aluminum melting furnaces are widely applied to recycle scrap aluminum. Then, how does a new induction aluminum melting furnace work?

When current flows through the induction coil, a magnetic field is formed. Applying alternating current through this coil will cause the magnetic field to change direction at the same rate as the frequency of the alternating current.

When the aluminum charge is added, Faraday's Law takes over. The induced voltage will cause a current to flow through the material in the magnetic field. When current flows through the material, the movement of electrons is resisted.

Materials that are more resistant to the flow of electrons emit more heat when current flows through them.

Induction heat is generated in the product's material by means of an electric current. The heat from the product surface is then transferred through the thermally conductive material.

When the metal melts, the magnetic field also moves the molten pool. This is called induction stirring, and it mixes the bath to create a more homogeneous mixture that aids in alloying.

A water cooling system usually keeps the coil cool, making it an excellent choice for aluminum melting.

Aluminum shavings are challenging to melt because they tend to float on the surface of molten aluminum when added to most furnaces.

Aluminum scrap melting systems using traditional coreless induction furnaces can help overcome this problem through their inherent agitation. Agitation helps to submerge and break up the clumps of aluminum shavings, allowing them to melt more efficiently than furnaces with little or no agitation.

Advantages of casting aluminum using induction melting technology:

Induction furnace systems are smaller and have a more manageable footprint.

The induction heat source is the metal itself, which can improve the heating efficiency.

The induction melting furnace does not release gas, which can better protect the production environment.

Induction melting has less waste heat and low noise, which is more suitable for employees.

Luoyang Judian can provide you with suitable new aluminum melting furnaces and production solutions. If you need, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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