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How to Buy A Proper Industrial Induction Furnace?


Are you looking to buy an industrial induction furnace, but have no idea how to select the proper one? We will face the dilemma if buy the mismatched equipment. It's really a tough choice because there are many types of induction furnaces out there. How do you find out the proper one?

In this article, we'll help you select the most appropriate induction furnace by going over the functions and applications of every type of the industrial induction furnace.

industrial induction furnace - Judian

Application of the Industrial Induction Furnace

Firstly, you should know clearly what you are buying an induction furnace for. Generally, there are two applications for the induction furnace.


What Metals can be melted in the induction furnace?

The induction furnace can melt commonly used grades of steel and non-ferrous metals. For example, aluminum, copper, zinc, gold. Especially, it is suitable for melting the scrap metal.

What the capacity of the induction furnace is?

The capacity is from 100 kg to 15 ton. It can meet all the requirements of most steel plants.

How efficient is an induction furnace?

40 to 60 minutes per pot according to the capacity of the induction furnace.


What is the maximum temperature of induction heating?

1,300℃. You can't select the induction furnace if you want to heat the metal to over this temperature.

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Types of Industrial Induction Furnace

Then, you should figure out what the frequency of the current power is or you can supply. According to the power frequency when working, we divide the induction furnace into 3 types. See below table.

Types of Induction Furnace Power Frequency (Hz)
Power Frequency Induction Furnace 50 - 60
Medium Frequency Induction Furnace 60 – 10,000
High Frequency Induction Furnace 10,000 and above

Advantages of Industrial Induction Heating

1. Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation and carbon, saving materials and forging costs.

2. No pollution. Improve the working environment of workers.

3. Low energy consumption.

4. The induction furnace can heat the metal evenly. So, the temperature difference between the core and the surface of the metal is extremely small.

5. The temperature control accuracy is high.

6. Improve product quality and pass rate.

industrial induction furnace - Judian

Industrial induction furnace is an essential part for all steel plants. Therefore, choosing a proper induction furnace can greatly improve the production efficiency. We hope this article can help you choose the most appropriate induction furnace.

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