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9 Reasons Why I Select Induction Metal Melting Furnace


An induction metal melting furnace is commonly used equipment for melting metals. This equipment has the characteristics of fast melting, convenient replacement varieties, or use, and so on, becoming an indispensable metal melting and heating equipment for the casting industry. Today, Luoyang Judian will introduce the characteristics of the induction metal melting furnace in detail.

induction metal melting furnace temperature test - Judian

High Power Factors

The mid-frequency power supply is a voltage-type series inverter power supply. The rectifier has been working at zero. It does not adjust the current and only adjusts the inverse. In all aspects of energy conservation, operation, and production it will benefit. We guarantee that the power factors are always greater than 0.95 under any operating conditions.

Low Power Consumption of Induction Metal Melting Furnace

Due to the small non-power current design of the series resonant circuit, the power consumption is greatly reduced. 0.5 tons of 300KW medium-frequency furnace high-speed iron at 1,450 degrees power consumption of 680 degrees, and the power consumption of 1,600 degrees of chemical steel is 720 degrees. The parallel thyristor 0.5 tons of medium-frequency furnace requires a 500KW transformer drive, while the series inverted 0.5 tons medium-frequency furnace can work usually as long as 300kW transformers, and the power consumption is very small. The cost savings saved for a long time will cost more than 100,000 yuan a year.

aluminum melting furnace - Judian

Stable Power Output

It is not affected by the furnace, maintaining constant power throughout the melting process. Especially when melting stainless steel, copper, industrial silicon, aluminum, and other non-conducting magnetic substances, the mid-frequency induction melting furnace will show its superiority. Fast melting speed, fewer furnace elements, better energy-saving effects, and reduced casting cost.

Small Electric Transformer Capacity

Take a half-ton furnace as an example, the power is 300kW, and the transformer's low voltage measurement voltage is 380V. In this way, as long as the general casting enterprise only needs a transformer below 315kW, the power consumption such as lighting, driving, and water pumps can share a transformer.

Less Burning Loss of Alloying Elements

Due to the electromagnetic mixing effect, the metal melt ingredients are uniform and have no bias. Sensor furnace melting control is easy, has good operation conditions, little environmental pollution, and low noise. It is convenient and economical to reuse scrap metal. So most casting companies are willing to use the induction metal melting furnace.

Easy to Start the Induction Metal Melting Furnace

The induction metal melting furnace adopts a sweep-frequency zero voltage soft start method. Thus, it can be started or stopped at any time in any state, without impact on the power supply. Also, you can pour the melting liquid all over to replace the melting material.

Simple Temperature Control

The power adjustment of the melting furnace is flexible, convenient, and continuously smooth. Therefore, it can easily control the temperature.

Induction metal melting furnace temperature was tested by the technician - Judian

Diverse Ways of Dumping

The intermediate frequency induction melting furnace is convenient for turning and dumping. Electric dumping, manual dumping, and hydraulic dumping are available according to the requirements of the customers.

Induction Metal Melting Furnace Is Environmentally Friendly

Little environmental pollution, low noise, and can meet the environmental protection requirements.

Here are all the characteristics of the furnace Luoyang Judian introduces to you. I hope to be helpful.

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