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How to Buy New Furnace Options, Steel vs. Aluminum


When users buy a new electric furnace, they need to choose a furnace body.

Common furnace body materials are steel and aluminum.

Today, the editor of Judian will introduce the difference between these two kinds of furnaces.

The furnace with aluminum structure has a simple structure. The service life is 5 to 8 years. It is suitable for the capacity of less than 2 tons, there is no magnetic conductor, the furnace lining ejection mechanism, the refractory cement layer, and the safety performance is poor.

The furnace with steel structure has a long service life, which can reach more than 10 years. The magnetic permeability is good, and the steel shell furnace is 3 to 5 percent higher than the aluminum shell furnace node. The pouring is destined to be stable, and the pouring angle and speed can be very good. Good safety performance, good characteristics in the tonnage greater than 2T above the choice of steel shell structure domain.

For example: a set of 5 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, when the furnace is full of molten iron, the overall weight of the equipment reaches 8 to 10 tons, if the aluminum shell structure is selected, when the reducer rotates the furnace body to 95 degrees, the whole furnace body tilts forward, and the safety performance is very poor . The aluminum shell furnace is suitable for users who change production in a short time, with small tonnage.

The advantage of the steel shell furnace is that it is durable, beautiful, large furnace body, and has a tough and rigid structure. From the safety point of view of the tilting furnace, try to use the steel shell furnace.

The steel shell furnace has a long service life, and the aluminum shell is oxidized seriously at high temperature, causing the metal to be fatigued. Less magnetism, the life is much longer than that of the aluminum shell furnace.

Ordinary steel shell furnace will increase power consumption by about 10% compared with aluminum shell furnace! If users use ordinary steel shell furnaces, they may consume hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, and steel shell furnaces require multiple technologies to reduce losses.

Steel shell furnaces have high, medium and low grades, and the price of different configurations will vary by tens of thousands. And the price of steel shell furnace will be much more expensive than aluminum shell furnace.

Luoyang Judian is a professional manufacturer of electric furnaces, no matter what kind of furnace body you need, we can provide it.

Welcome to pay attention to Judian to learn more about electric furnaces.

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