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How to determine the price of induction melting furnace?


Induction furnaces are smelting equipment used in the metal industry for thermal processing of metals. It has the advantages of fast heating speed, stable operation and little pollution.

About the price of the melting furnace. Although the market is transparent, the price of different stoves varies greatly. Today, the editor of Judian will introduce the impact of mechanical components on the price of melting furnaces.

The parts that affect the price of the melting furnace are:

SCR in power supply

The thyristor is one of the main components of power supply equipment. Generally speaking, the thyristor materials produced by various manufacturers are basically the same, and the price difference mainly exists in the quality fluctuation. The quality of the products of large-scale manufacturers fluctuates relatively. smaller.

Material of furnace shell

There is a big difference in the price of furnace shells, because the difference of furnace shells can directly affect the heat transfer rate, etc. The price difference from general steel furnace shells, stainless steel furnace shells, and aluminum furnace shells is about double.

Material of induction coil

The price difference between bronze and copper pipes is mainly due to the material. The type of copper, the purity of copper, etc. are all factors that affect the price difference of copper row copper tubes, and also indirectly become one of the factors affecting the price of intermediate frequency furnaces.

Induction furnace control box

The chassis is the most expensive among the components of the intermediate frequency furnace. Because there are many parts in the chassis, each part is of good or bad quality, and the cost of the chassis can even vary several times or even dozens of times.


The price difference on capacitors is not in itself, but mostly in the number of configurations. The price of capacitors is not very different, generally only a few hundred dollars.

Other small mechanical components

Such as resistors, plastic wires, water-cooled cables, water pipes, and transformers. Different components have different performances, different processes, different materials, and of course, the price is definitely different. These will affect the overall price of the melting furnace.

This is what we share about the price of melting furnaces today. Welcome to Luoyang Judian to learn more about induction furnaces.

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