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How to feed the induction furnace?


In the 1920s, Faraday discovered the principle of electromagnetic induction, which was then used by humans to heat metals.

The alternating current is transmitted to the induction coil, and the magnetic field is generated in the coil. The magnetic field makes the electrons inside the metal become active, which can make the metal itself heat up quickly.

Using this principle, people have invented a new equipment that can smelt metal more quickly, which is an induction furnace.

Induction furnaces do not need to burn traditional fossil fuels when heating metals. The whole heating process is clean and pollution-free, which is very helpful to protect the environment.

Induction furnace charging is the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of the metal smelting process. If the feeding is unreasonable, it will increase the burning consumption of the metal, which will eventually lead to excessive power consumption and increase the input cost.

Therefore, it is very important to have some knowledge about the feeding of induction furnaces. Below, the editor of Judian and you will introduce some precautions about feeding.

1.Different metal materials have different performance characteristics. For the charge with low density and low melting point, larger blocks, such as aluminum, can be used. Charges with high density and high melting point, such as ferro-tungsten, ferro-molybdenum, micro-carbon ferro-chromium, etc., must be broken into smaller pieces.

2.The size and frequency of the furnace body determine the size of the smelting material. Low-frequency, large-capacity furnaces can use large pieces of charge. Higher frequency, smaller capacity furnaces require the use of smaller chunks.

3.When feeding, try to ensure that the upper part is loose and the lower part is compact. When the upper metal bulk density is small, it is helpful for the downward smelting material, which can speed up the smelting speed of the metal and ensure stable heating efficiency.

4.When the induction furnace is working, the bottom and the upper part are the low temperature area of ​​the furnace. Materials that are easy to melt should be installed, the middle part is the temperature concentration area, and materials with high melting point and high density should be installed.

Sometimes cracks appear in the furnace lining because the feeding sequence is wrong, so special attention is required.

This is some of the feeding knowledge we have compiled for you about induction furnaces. It should be noted that slag should be loaded at the bottom of the furnace before feeding, which can reduce air pollution.

Welcome to Luoyang Judian, we can solve more problems about induction furnace for you.

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How to feed the induction furnace?
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