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Induction Furnaces: Scrap Metal Smelting


Any country will use a large number of metal materials such as steel when carrying out industrial production and infrastructure construction. Over time, these metal materials experience various wear and tear, such as rusting and scratching. Therefore, scrap metal smelting and recycling will be more and more important for saving metal resources.

In fact, the scrap metal that has been replaced can be recycled and reused.

The scrap metal smelting furnace can help us heat the scraps of scrap steel, melt them into molten steel, and cast them.

Turn scrap steel into new castings, rolls or ingots, and other workpieces, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling scrap steel.

So, what are the specific structure, function, and characteristics of the melting furnace? Luoyang Hongteng Xiaobian is here to talk about the melting furnace.

The melting furnace is composed of a thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, furnace body, heating induction coil, furnace lining material to protect the heating coil, cooling circulation device, tilting furnace system, leakage furnace protection system, etc.

The industrial melting furnace uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat the metal so that the heat is generated inside the metal itself, which can speed up the melting speed of the metal.

The smelting furnace is very simple to use. The operator can carry out the continuous work of the forging task after ten minutes of preparation and does not need to prepare the furnace and seal the furnace in advance like the furnace workers.

What's more, when the smelting furnace is working, the whole process is clean and pollution-free, and there is no open flame, which is very helpful to protect the environment. There is also no noise, which improves the operator's working environment.

That's what we're sharing today, if you have a need to smelt scrap metal, we really recommend that you consider a smelting furnace, it will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Welcome to pay attention to our Luoyang Judian, to provide you with more services of metal smelting furnaces.

Judian scrap metal smelting
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