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Common configuration methods of induction furnaces


When users choose and use induction furnaces, they need to know some knowledge about the configuration method of power supply cabinet and furnace body. Today, the editor of Judian will introduce it to you.

At present, the common configurations of the power cabinet and furnace body are as follows:

1. One set of power cabinet is equipped with one furnace body. This method requires less investment, small footprint, and high use efficiency of a single furnace body. However, the disadvantage is that there is only one furnace body. After the furnace body is heated or smelted, the furnace body needs to be emptied before the next process can be performed, resulting in the inability to complete continuous production.

2. One set of power cabinet is equipped with two furnace bodies, one furnace body is connected to the power supply, and the other is temporarily not used. This method is used to prepare a spare furnace body for the production line. If a furnace body fails and cannot be repaired in a short time, we have at least one spare plan B that can be used to maintain production capacity as much as possible.

3. One set of power cabinet is equipped with two furnace bodies, both furnace bodies must be connected to the power supply, one furnace body is fixed for melting, and the other furnace body is fixed for heat preservation. This method is suitable for the case where the pouring time is relatively long. The molten steel after smelting needs to maintain the temperature in the furnace for a period of time, so the method of one melting and one heat preservation is adopted, so that the two furnace bodies can be fully utilized.

4. A power supply cabinet is equipped with two furnace bodies. Both furnace bodies must be connected to the power supply. At the same time, we can choose a high-performance furnace change switch between the two furnace bodies to make the furnace change more convenient. Using this method, the two furnaces can work alternately, switch the smelting and heat preservation functions at any time, and serve as backup for each other. Even if the furnace lining is replaced, the production will not be affected. This method is the most convenient, but the cost will also increase.

Of course, these are only our suggestions, and the specific configuration of the power supply and furnace body should be made according to the actual production situation of the user.

The above is what we share today. About the matching method of induction furnace. Welcome to Luoyang Judian to learn more about industrial furnaces.

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