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MF induction Heating furnaces: Use of SCR


The MF induction heating furnaces are used to melt metals and there are many types on the market. We use the medium frequency induction furnaces the most, the induction heating principle.

The metal heating of induction heating equipment is also called medium frequency induction forging furnaces, medium frequency induction diathermy furnaces, medium frequency induction forging pre-heating furnaces, mf induction heating furnaces, and medium frequency induction electric furnaces.

SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace refers to the medium frequency induction heating furnace power supply using SCR as the main frequency conversion component.

The commonly used SCR full-bridge parallel inverter frequency conversion power supply or SCR half-bridge series inverter frequency conversion power supply.

The induction heating furnace using SCR as the intermediate frequency power supply is often called the SCR intermediate frequency induction heating furnace.

Principle of SCR MF Induction Heating Furnace

The medium frequency power supply of the SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace is the SCR frequency conversion device, which can convert the three-phase 50Hz AC to the commonly used heating frequency of the medium frequency induction heating furnace.

In SCR parallel inverter of the SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace, the parallel compensating capacitor and induction coil of the electric furnace form their own oscillation loop to reduce the load of the electric furnace.

Use of SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace: used for integral or local induction heating of steel rod, steel pipe, copper rod, aluminum rod, stainless steel, and other metal workpieces.

SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace heating material: carbon steel, alloy steel, Q235q, Q345q, Q245R, A32, D32, A36, D36, and other materials of the metal workpiece.

Heating temperature: medium carbon steel heating temperature: 1250℃ Temperature difference requirements: radial temperature difference ≤60℃, head and tail temperature difference ≤80℃

The characteristics of SCR medium frequency induction heating furnace:

Uniform heating temperature, high-temperature control precision, small temperature difference, and no pollution.

Module devices are used to replace single power devices in power rectification and inverter circuits of SCR mf induction heating furnaces. In order to achieve greater power, power devices are used in series, parallel, or series-parallel.

High startup success rate and strong reliability. Variable frequency/variable load adaptive, maximum specifications, and varieties of steel induction heating capability. Users can choose artificial furnaces or automatic furnaces that can be widely used so that the induction heating furnace utilization rate reaches the highest.

SCR mf induction heating furnaces control circuits and protection circuits a large number of digital integrated circuits, ASIC, simplify the circuit design and improve the reliability of the equipment.

Luoyang Judian is a professional manufacturer of induction heating furnaces. You can contact us at any time if you have questions about the MF induction heating furnaces.

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