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Intermediate Frequency Furnace: Why Boiling Furnace Appears


The intermediate frequency furnace is a high temperature melting equipment, so in use will cause liquid iron continuously gouged out of the furnace for some reasons, and with a slight explosion.

So, what are the reasons for the boiling furnace phenomenon of intermediate frequency furnace? What is the solution?

If the boiling furnace lasts for a long time, it has certain destructive and dangerous, so attention must be paid to the use of intermediate frequency furnace. Today for you to carry out a detailed summary, the following to understand it.

Why Boiling of Intermediate Frequency Furnace Happens?

When the charge is added with rust and not baked, it is easy to cause boiling furnace, due to the careless operator or not according to the operation rules often occur this kind of pre-furnace accident.

When the corroded and unbaked charge is added, the liquid iron immediately boils and continuously gushed out, with a slight explosion sound. After the boiler stops, more than half of the liquid iron in the furnace body is spilt, and the spilt liquid iron is seriously oxygenated.

It follows that there is a tremendous amount of power over a long period of time, and there is a lot of oxidizing gas.

This is because oxygen exists in liquid iron in a different form from hydrogen and nitrogen, it does not exist in the form of atoms, and it exists in the molecular form of iron oxide (FeO).

In the liquid iron, there is a certain balance between the carbon content and the amount of iron oxide, and the balance state is with the change of temperature and change, due to the continuous reaction, produce a large number of CO and O₂, so that the steel obtained the continuous gushing power, the formation of volcanic overflow scene.

In the actual production must be carried out in accordance with the process requirements, adding the charge to be baked, cut without corrosion; Once the boiler occurs, power should be cut off immediately to prevent the overflow of liquid iron to make the induction coil short circuit, resulting in equipment damage or greater accidents; The reaction can be alleviated by adding an appropriate amount of deoxidizer into the furnace after power failure and covering the liquid surface with slag remover.

When the added charge contains low melting, boiling point metal and its compounds, it is also easy to cause boiling furnace phenomenon.

This is because when these low-melting, boiling metals and their compounds invade the molten iron liquid, due to the high temperature of the iron liquid at this time (generally 1450~1500℃), it will immediately cause the vaporization or decomposition of the metal and its compounds, resulting in a lot of gas and color flame on the surface of the liquid iron.

This generally lasts for a short time and occurs on the upper surface of liquid iron, so liquid iron is generally not taken out of the furnace.

The charge that causes this boiler is generally small broken material. Because it is difficult to distinguish the material containing low melting and boiling point metal and its compounds when metal waste is recycled, it is easy to mix this kind of material in the small and miscellaneous material.

If it is necessary to melt small or broken materials in the process of melting, the small or broken materials should be placed at the bottom of the furnace body when feeding.

Since the initial melting is heated more slowly, the low-melting, boiling metals and their compounds slowly break down or vaporize without causing the violent reaction that would occur if they were immediately added to the liquid metal.

The cause of boiling furnace phenomenon in intermediate frequency furnace is generally caused by unqualified charge or non-standard operation. No matter which kind of boiling furnace, it can be prevented in the actual production process.

How to Solve the Problem?

This requires us to strictly follow the process operation rules of the intermediate frequency furnace equipment in the production. Once the boiling furnace phenomenon occurs, we should immediately deal with it in accordance with the corresponding method in time to prevent greater accidents.

That's it for today. I hope it's helpful. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Judian, and learn more about the induction furnace.

Judian intermediate frequency furnace for melting steel
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