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What Do You Need to Prepare to Run a 15-Ton Induction Furnace?


Nowadays, induction melting furnaces are the most widely used in steelmaking factories. The capacity of the induction melting furnaces ranges from 100kg to 15 tons. Here, we will introduce the 15-ton induction furnace and the preparation for running it.

Judian 15-ton induction furnace for melting steel

15-Ton Induction Furnace

A 15-ton induction furnace is a type of electric furnace that uses electromagnetic induction to heat and melt metals. The furnace can melt up to 15 tons of metal at a time, making it a popular choice for large-scale metal production and manufacturing.

It is commonly used in the production of steel and other metals, such as iron, copper, and aluminum. It is often used in foundries, steel mills, and different industrial settings where large quantities of metal must be melted and processed.

A 15-ton induction furnace can melt large quantities of metal at a time, making it a popular choice for high-volume production and manufacturing. It is commonly used in foundries and steel mills, as well as other industrial settings where large quantities of metal need to be melted and processed. Overall, induction furnaces are a versatile and efficient option for melting and processing metals.

Preparation for Running a 15-ton Induction Furnace

Running a 15-ton induction furnace requires careful preparation to ensure that the furnace operates safely and efficiently. Here are some of the key things that need to be prepared:

Raw Materials

The furnace requires raw materials such as scrap metal to be melted. These materials must be sorted and prepared ahead of time to ensure that they are ready for processing.

Furnace Charging Equipment: The furnace must be charged with raw materials using appropriate equipment such as cranes, conveyors, and charging buckets. This equipment must be properly maintained and operated by trained personnel.


The crucible is the container that holds the molten metal during the melting process. It must be made of a suitable material that can withstand the high temperatures and corrosive nature of the molten metal.

Power Supply

The furnace requires a reliable power supply that can deliver the necessary voltage and amperage to the furnace. This may require the installation of a dedicated electrical circuit or the use of a generator.

Cooling System

The furnace must have a cooling system to prevent overheating and damage to the equipment. This may involve the use of water or air-cooling systems.

Safety Equipment

Safety is a top priority when operating the induction furnace. Appropriate safety equipment such as protective gear, fire suppression systems, and emergency shut-off switches must be in place to prevent accidents and protect personnel.

Parameters of 15-Ton Induction Furnace for Melting Stainless Steel

CapacityPower Control CabinetFurnace BodyTransformer(kV·A)
PowerVoltageMF VoltageSize (mm)FrequencySize (mm)Coil Diameter
15 tons10000KW6*1250V4000V4000*1200*2200220HzΦ2200Φ180012500

In addition to these preparations, it's important to have trained personnel who are familiar with the operation of the furnace and the safety protocols involved. With proper preparation and operation, a 15-ton induction furnace can be a highly efficient and effective tool for large-scale metal processing and manufacturing.

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