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Safety issues to know when buying a new intermediate frequency furnace


In the process of intermediate frequency furnace works, in order to avoid the occurrence of such accidents as furnace penetration and furnace leakage, safety management is very important. The following is an analysis of these common safety problems by Judian.

The Accident Causes of Intermediate Frequency Furnace

1. The molten iron cools for too long and becomes capped, and then expands when heated again. The extrusion of the furnace lining leads to cracks in the furnace lining.

2. With the increase of furnace age, the volume of furnace lining becomes larger, the amount of iron in the furnace increases, and the furnace lining is thinner, which can not bear the pressure of molten iron locally, leading to furnace piercing.

3. When the furnace lining is knotted, the local part does not meet the requirements of the local part brings in impurities and is not found, especially the ferromagnetic material, which causes the smelting from the above defects.

4, the furnace lining sudden cooling cracks, in the smelting process of molten iron from the cracks through.

5. The induction coil column is not fixed properly, losing the support and stability of the furnace lining, and the furnace lining shaking cracks when tilting the furnace.

Treatment of Leaky Furnace

In the case of a leakage furnace, if the leakage is in front of the industrial melting furnace, it is necessary to quickly dump part of the molten iron, so that the height of the molten iron in the furnace is lower than the leakage furnace after the furnace body is straightened. If the leaking furnace is at the back of the melting furnace, it is necessary to quickly shut down the main inlet valve of the circulating water in the coil, directly dump the furnace, empty all the molten iron, and evacuate the scene of emergency personnel.

This is the relevant knowledge about induction furnaces safety issues that we share. Welcome to pay attention to Luoyang Hongteng and provide you with more furnace services.

Judian intermediate frequency furnace
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