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What Environment Is Suitable for Induction Furnaces to Work?


As the equipment with good melting effect in the foundry industry, induction furnaces have solved many problems for users.

In fact, in the process of using induction furnaces, the requirements for the environment are very high. The temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment will affect the operation of the electric furnace.

If the environment exceeds the standard, it will affect the working efficiency of the intermediate frequency furnace in light, and cause some failure problems in the electric furnace in serious cases.

Today we will introduce to you the working environment suitable for induction furnaces.

1. The working altitude of the electric furnace should not be too high, preferably below 1,000 meters.

2. The best working environment temperature of the induction furnace can be in the range of -10℃~40℃.

​4. There should be no conductive dust, explosive gas, and corrosive gas that can seriously damage metal and insulation around the furnace body. These gases can damage equipment and even cause personal injury.

3. Under the standard of 25℃, the relative humidity of the surrounding environment of the equipment shall not exceed 90%.

5. The fluctuation of the three-phase power supply is not more than ±5%. If the fluctuation is large, it will easily lead to the failure of the electric furnace, and there is a certain danger.

6. The temperature of the nearby cooling water is between ±5℃~30℃, the hardness of the water is not more than 8, the turbidity is not more than 5, and the pH is between 6.5 and 8.5.

This is what we share today about the working environment of electric furnaces.

You can take some protective measures about the electric furnace based on these so that the work of the induction electric furnace is safer and more efficient.

Welcome to Luoyang Judian to learn more about induction furnaces.

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