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What to Consider When Buying a New Induction Furnace for Sale


Induction furnaces have good heating effects and are usually used to melt steel and precious metals, and can be used in a variety of industries. If you are looking for an induction furnace for sale for your foundry, you should consider the following factors before purchasing.

Induction Furnace Dimensions

Melting furnaces are available in different sizes. Generally, induction furnaces take up less space and are therefore suitable for foundries of all sizes. You'll find that the capacity options for induction cooktops are huge. You need the needs of the foundry to guide the size of the induction furnace you purchase.

Furnace Shell

The furnace shell of the induction furnace must be intact and of good quality. A loose furnace shell can lead to a catastrophic accident. If the furnace shell has some loose parts, your employees can suffer severe and life-threatening burns.

The durable and high-quality furnace shell maintains the quality of the furnace even under constant heavy use.

Control of Melting Furnace

Additionally, the ideal induction stove for sale should have temperature controls that allow you to adjust the power to the stove. Metals have different melting points. For example, steel melts at 1370 °C. Therefore, controlling the power consumed by the induction furnace will help you melt the metal at the proper melting point.

This will ensure that you produce a quality product. Before purchasing an induction furnace for sale, make sure you are satisfied with the controls of your induction melting furnace for sale.

Loss in Use

Ideally, a used induction furnace should have a low oxidation rate. This means less waste is produced during the smelting process, which increases productivity. If an induction furnace has a high oxidation rate, not only will you produce less equipment, but you will also produce a lower quality product.

The Cost of an Induction Furnace

There are many factors that come into play when determining the cost of an induction furnace. The size, model and purpose of an induction furnace will greatly affect the cost. Ideally, you should first ensure that the induction furnace is tailored to your needs and is in good condition.

Finally, the ideal induction furnace should be easy to control and install. When you choose the right induction stove, you will enjoy many benefits.

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