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What should we do if the induction coil in the electric furnace is blocked?


Medium frequency electric furnace according to the casting process to choose the appropriate capacity and frequency of medium frequency electric furnace, increase the power density to improve the melting efficiency, reduce the additional loss.

The material of the furnace body can be selected according to your actual situation.

If your output is relatively large, we will recommend that you give priority to steel shell furnace body, reduce the heat loss and electromagnetic loss of furnace wall, furnace mouth.

We should pay attention to, when connecting the furnace shell, to avoid metal contact, forming a short circuit.

When using the furnace, sometimes there will be induction coil blockage, affecting the production capacity of the entire production line.

Today, great electric editor will give you an analysis of the furnace induction ring blocked causes and solutions.

There are two common reasons.

One is foreign body blockage. The cooling water used by the user is sometimes directly extracted from the river water as the cooling water of the melting furnace. There are many foreign bodies in the river water, so when extracting and using the river water, foreign bodies are easy to block the induction ring, resulting in blocked or obstructed waterways.

Another is scale blockage. The water source used for cooling is basically natural water, and the hardness is relatively large, and the melting furnace will produce high temperature when it is working. This time, the water is used for cooling, and it is easy to produce scale attached to the induction ring copper pipe.

The scale is basically made up of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, and if left untreated for a long time, the scale will become more and more solid. Finally, the fouling will not only plug the coil, cause the water flow is not smooth, but also affect the overall performance and service life of the electric furnace.

So what is the solution to electric furnace induction coil plugging method?

1, we can in the cooling water into the furnace body before the filter screen, filter out the large foreign bodies in the river water.

2, if there is a small foreign body blockage, and the location of the blockage is not too deep, we can try to use the wire to the induction ring copper pipe to hook out the debris inside.

3. When encountering the situation that scale and other oxides block the induction ring, we can inject dilute sulfuric acid to produce chemical reactions between oxides and dilute sulfuric acid to eliminate scale. Don't worry about the induction coil. Copper doesn't react with dilute sulfuric acid.

After plugging the use of these methods, no harm to the induction ring, the use of melting furnace has no effect, the user to solve the problem of induction furnace coil plugging, can be used for reference. If it doesn't work out, you need to contact a professional.

This is our knowledge of the induction coil for melting furnace.

Must be in the process of daily use, more inspection, frequent replacement, timely treatment of safety hazards, so as to avoid serious accidents, which can also improve the efficiency of induction furnace.

Welcome to Luoyang Judian, let us solve more doubts for you to repair the furnace.

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