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7 Characteristics of Copper Scrap Melting Furnace


The copper scrap melting furnace is a common machine in copper melting foundries. In industrial production and daily life, we can see copper scrap everywhere. Therefore, we need the copper scrap melting furnace to recycle.

As the necessary equipment for copper recycling, the copper scrap melting furnace has the following 7 characteristics.

Judian Copper Scrap Melting Furnace

First, the copper scrap melting furnace is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The energy consumption is very low, there is no pollution, and the heating efficiency is very high. Compared with other heating methods, it effectively reduces energy consumption, improves labor productivity, has no pollution, and the equipment is very suitable for environmental protection requirements.

Second, the heating efficiency of the copper scrap melting furnace is high.

The heating degree is very uniform, the temperature control accuracy is high, the heating is uniform, the temperature is easy to control, the operation is simple, and the failure rate is low.

Third, the heating furnace body is easy to replace.

The replacement of the intermediate frequency furnace body is very convenient. According to the size of the capacity, we can select different specifications of intermediate frequency furnace bodies. Each furnace body is designed with a water and electricity quick-change joint, which makes the replacement of the entire furnace body easy, convenient, and convenient.

Fourth, the copper scrap melting furnace has complete equipment protection facilities.

The protection measures of the device are very complete. The whole machine is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, phase loss, overpressure, overcurrent, pressure limit, current limit, start overcurrent, constant current, and buffer start, so that the equipment can start smoothly. The protection is very reliable and fast, and the operation is quite stable.

Fifth, the heating speed of the furnace is fast, and the oxidation and decarburization are less.

The heating speed of the furnace is very fast. The heating principle of the furnace is electromagnetic induction, and its heat is generated by the workpiece itself. This heating method raises the temperature very fast, with very little oxidation, and the heating effect is very good. The reusability of the process is good. The surface of the metal will only appear to have very slight decolorization. After a little polishing, the surface can be restored to a mirror-like brightness, so as to effectively obtain constant and consistent material properties.

Sixth, the copper scrap melting furnace has low energy consumption.

Compared with other heating methods, induction heating has high heating efficiency, low energy consumption, and no pollution; all indicators can meet the requirements. The electricity consumption per ton for heating from room temperature to 1,250°C is less than 380°C.

Seventh, the furnace is of a high degree of automation and can realize fully automatic operation.

The furnace adopts automatic feeding and automatic discharging sorting device, coupled with special control software. Thus, it can realize fully automatic operation.

Luoyang Judian is a professional manufacturer of copper melting furnaces. If you have any questions about the product, please let us know by leaving us a message or consulting online. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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