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About the power supply of medium frequency induction furnace


The induction furnace power supply, as the supporting equipment of the induction furnace, is a frequency conversion device that converts the three-phase power frequency power supply into a single-phase power supply.

It has developed from an early intermediate frequency generator set into a thyristor-type variable frequency power supply. Later, through continuous development and improvement, it has become a new variable frequency power supply with strong load adaptability and wide application range by virtue of its advantages of fast heating speed and uniform heating. device.

The main structure of the intermediate frequency power supply is a rectifier transformer, thyristor rectifier, freewheeling diode, inverter, connecting rectifier, reactor, and corresponding control loop and protection loop.

The intermediate frequency power supply equipment has continuous and timing fixed power modes, which can be freely set according to work needs. Before each start of the inverter, the equipment status will be automatically detected. If there are various states that do not meet the startup status, the inverter will automatically display a fault. the point, and block the inverter to reduce the risk of accidents.

The operation of the intermediate frequency power supply is also very convenient. The power supply cabinet configured by Hongteng has fewer operation buttons, more display instruments, a beautiful panel, and spare parts that can be provided to users anytime.

Regarding the cooling method of the power supply, open pool cooling can be used. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the scaling of the cooling water inside the power supply and the damage to the equipment. Therefore, we can use the cooling tower to achieve internal and external circulation cooling and use softened water for the internal circulation, which can solve the scaling problem.

In smelting and casting applications, research and development of medium frequency power supply with larger capacity, smaller volume, more stable operation, and simple operation have always been a problem to be solved in the field of induction heating.

The intermediate frequency power supply currently has two inverter structures, series resonance, and parallel resonance, and we Hongteng use the parallel inverter.

This is our sharing of knowledge about electric furnace power supply today, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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induction furnace power supply
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