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Our services, the mode of production during the pandemic


Despite the current impact of the pandemic, we are still working hard to maintain our services.

Under strict epidemic prevention measures, all employees of our industrial park and company have passed multiple nucleic acid tests and opened the closed management in the plant

Judian immediately made arrangements for "risk prevention and safety protection", and required all departments to ensure safety on the basis of stable production, timely communication with the local government, and do a good job of epidemic prevention management and living security of staff in the plant.

Safe and orderly, stable production

1.the special period of steady production, to ensure that spare parts, the variety of complete, sufficient quantity. Fully ensure the sustainability of production.

2.Strictly abide by the rules and regulations during the epidemic prevention period, adopt closed management of the workshop, restrict the non-essential personnel from entering and leaving the workshop, disperse the staff, and kill the machinery and equipment entering and leaving the workshop to ensure the orderly promotion of production.

3.Safe and orderly production. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and ensuring the safety of personnel, the company's preparation and delivery business is progressing normally.

4.safe delivery, the whole process without worry, the equipment before delivery is fully disinfected, ensure that the driver has never been to high risk areas, the travel code and health code are both green code, no fever and other suspected symptoms, with 48 hours of nucleic acid test negative certificate, the driver wear a mask throughout the whole process, and take a regular temperature report every day.

In order to solve users' problems in time, Luoyang giant electric metal thermal to keep 24 hours of service channel unblocked.

Our pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services are proceeding normally.

At present, the company's business is advancing steadily: the hotline for consultation is kept unimpeded, and the production and preparation and delivery work is carried out normally. We will take good measures to prevent the epidemic and grasp the quality of service.

Welcome to Luoyang Giant electric, we will work hard to serve you.

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