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What Do You Know about the Induction Furnace Crucibles?


Today we will introduce to you the crucibles of the intermediate frequency induction furnace.

Crucible is a component that is often used in induction furnaces when smelting metals. In addition to being used to hold molten metal for smelting, the crucible also plays the role of heat insulation, insulation, and energy transfer.

Common intermediate frequency induction furnace crucibles mainly include alkaline crucibles, acid crucibles, and neutral crucibles. Today we mainly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of acid crucibles.

Judian Induction Furnace Crucibles


The acid slag has a high viscosity, low air permeability, and a good isolation effect on the atmosphere. The amount of hydrogen and nitrogen absorbed by molten steel from the atmosphere is small, and the gas content in the final product is low.

The inclusions in the acid crucible steel are mainly silicates, and there are almost no aluminate inclusions. The former has a low melting point and is easily removed by polymerization. Therefore, the brittle inclusions of the steel smelted by the acid crucible are less and the purity is high.

There are few silicate inclusions in molten steel, and few high melting point inclusions exist. In addition, the silicon content in the molten steel is relatively high, and the fluidity of the molten steel is good. Therefore, acid crucible steel is suitable for the production of cast steel parts.

Since the acid slag has a good atmospheric isolation effect and low FeO activity in the slag, the oxidation loss of alloying elements is small. Therefore, the acid crucible is suitable for the smelting of scrap, and the alloying elements in it can be well recovered.

In acid smelting, the service life of an acid crucible is longer than that of an alkaline crucible due to the low temperature of molten steel, poor fluidity of slag, weak erosion of the crucible, and small expansion of crucible material.


The acid crucible has low refractoriness. When smelting metal, the temperature of molten steel should not exceed 1600 ° C, so the metallurgical reaction at high temperatures is limited, and desulfurization and dephosphorization cannot be carried out effectively.

Chemical stability is poor. The slag and lining of acid crucibles contain SiO2. SiO2 will have a reduction reaction with some metals, resulting in an increase in the silicon content in the molten steel.

In general, when choosing an intermediate frequency furnace crucible, you can inform the manufacturer of your needs and the types of smelted items, and let the manufacturer make suggestions. We can refer and choose according to the manufacturer's suggestions.

Luoyang Judian is a professional manufacturer of industrial electric furnaces. Welcome to pay attention to us and let us provide you with more services.

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