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How to use a metal melting furnace


As the main equipment of the forging industry and the foundry industry, the electric furnace has some points that need to be paid attention to in daily use. Today, the editor of Judian will share with you the knowledge about the use of electric furnace.

First of all, when installing the electric furnace, it is necessary to standardize the connection between the transformer, the intermediate frequency power supply, and the intermediate frequency electric furnace, and select cables of suitable materials.

Especially for induction coils and water-cooled cables, increasing their cross-sectional area can effectively reduce current heat loss.

The intermediate frequency electric furnace can use a special rectifier transformer to increase the supply voltage and limit the no-load operation of the transformer.

Select the appropriate capacity and frequency medium frequency electric furnace according to the casting process, increase the power density to improve the melting efficiency and reduce the additional loss.

Regarding the material of the furnace body, you can choose according to your actual situation.

If your output is relatively large, we will recommend that you choose the steel shell furnace body first to reduce the heat loss and electromagnetic loss of the furnace wall and furnace mouth. We should pay attention to avoid metal contact to form a short circuit when connecting the furnace shell.

During the charging operation of the intermediate frequency electric furnace, the cold and wet charge should be dried first, and cannot be directly added to the melt. When using the first furnace, avoid using metal chips, because metal chips can penetrate into the gap of the furnace lining. The furnace must be heated to about 1000 ℃ before pouring into the molten iron. The furnace can be heated by adding iron inductive heating.

Formulate a reasonable casting process, standardize process operations from modeling, material selection, melting, pouring, heat treatment, cleaning, etc., and scientifically manage to reduce energy consumption.

Then it is about the daily inspection and maintenance of the furnace body, which can also be understood as repairing the furnace.

The main contents of the inspection are whether the connection parts of the conductive systems of the electric furnace are in good contact, especially whether the screws at the connection between the water-cooled cable and the induction coil are tightened, so as to reduce the failure rate and ensure smooth production. There is also the necessary protective equipment, which should also be checked frequently.

This is our knowledge sharing about the daily use of electric stoves today, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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How to use a metal melting furnace
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