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Features and Applications of Electric Copper Melting Furnace


The electric copper melting furnace is a smelting machine that uses the eddy current generated by electromagnetic induction as a heat source to smelt and cast various scrap copper to obtain high-quality copper materials.

Judian electric copper melting furnace

Features of Electric Copper Melting Furnace

1. The installation and operation of the energy-saving copper melting furnace is very convenient, and it can be learned as soon as it is learned;

2. The electric copper melting furnace is ultra-small in size, light in weight, movable, and occupies a small area;

3. 24-hour uninterrupted smelting capacity, saving electricity and energy;

4. The utilization rate of the furnace is high, and it is convenient to replace the furnace body with different weights, different materials, and different starting methods to meet various smelting requirements;

5. Adopt ultra-small intermediate frequency induction heating power supply, which is completely different from traditional intermediate frequency power supply, which will lose power and save energy;

6. High melting efficiency, good energy-saving effect, compact structure, and strong overload capacity;

7. The temperature around the furnace is low, there is less smoke and dust, and the working environment is good;

8. The operation process is simple, and the smelting operation is safe and reliable;

9. The finished metal composition obtained after smelting is uniform;

10. The melting temperature rises quickly, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high;

11. The application of a temperature control system can realize the precise control of temperature and improve product quality and pass rate.

Application of Electric Copper Melting Furnace

The electric copper smelting furnace is mainly used to smelt and purify waste copper materials and copper alloy materials. Its smelting capacity ranges from several kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, with a wide range of options, suitable for factory production. At the same time, it is also an ideal machine for university laboratories, research institutes, jewelry, processing, and precision casting processing.

Precautions for Use

1. Use it frequently and don't leave it for a long time. If it is used again after long-term storage, it should be blown with a fan for 1 hour to discharge the moisture and dust in the machine, and then it can be put into trial operation with low power, and it can be officially operated after it is confirmed to be normal.

2. When the electric copper smelting furnace is working, pay attention to the water temperature and water pressure at all times. All waterways must be unblocked, and there must be no water leakage or water blockage.

3. Before power transmission, three 20-30A fuses should be connected to the incoming line side of the three-phase power grid, and arc protection should be done, which can effectively prevent all short circuits in the intermediate frequency power supply from burning out all the main circuits and components such as thyristors. This step is extremely important to prevent the short-circuit current in the intermediate frequency power supply from spreading to components other than the intermediate frequency generator (such as power distribution cabinets, transformers, etc.), and all maintenance personnel must be proficient.

The above is the introduction of Luoyang Judian to the features, applications, and precautions of the electric copper melting furnace. If you have any questions about the electric copper melting furnace, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will do our best to solve your problems.

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