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Keeps Innovating on Induction Heating Furnace to Improve Steel Industry Efficiency


With the rapid development of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, many new technologies, new processes, and new equipment have emerged in the iron and steel field. Major breakthroughs have been made in basic research and key technologies, and the structure, performance, and quality of large steel castings have been significantly improved. However, the development of this field has not always been good, and there are still certain technical defects in the subdivision of continuous induction heating furnace steelmaking.

Induction Heating Furnace Features

induction heating furnace

Fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation, and decarburization, saving material and forging die costs

There is no need to worry about the waste of billets heated by coal furnaces caused by power outages or equipment failures. Due to the fast heating rate of this heating method, there is very little oxidation. Compared with coal-fired furnaces, at least 20-50kg of steel is saved per ton of forgings, and the material utilization rate can reach 95%. Because this heating method heats evenly and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is extremely small, the life of the forging die is greatly increased in forging, and the surface roughness of the forging is also less than 50um.

The working environment is superior, improving the working environment of workers and the image of the company, no pollution, low energy consumption

Compared with the coal furnace, the induction heating furnace will no longer be baked and smoked by the coal furnace under the scorching sun and can meet the requirements of various indicators of the environmental protection department. At the same time, it will establish the company's external image and the future development of the forging industry. Induction heating is the most energy-saving heating method in the electric heating furnace. The power consumption of ton forgings heated from room temperature to 1100 ° C is less than 360 degrees.

Uniform heating, the extremely small temperature difference between core and surface, high-temperature control accuracy

Induction heating generates heat in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is extremely small. The application of a temperature control system can realize the precise control of temperature and improve product quality and pass rate.

An induction heating furnace has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, excellent thermal processing quality, and a favorable environment. It is rapidly eliminating coal-fired furnaces, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, and ordinary resistance furnaces. It is a new generation of metal heating equipment.

Continue to Innovate, Improve Production Efficiency, and Ensure Production Safety

The continuous induction heating furnace operation site needs to use a variety of equipment, involving multiple types of simultaneous cross-operation. In the production process, sudden accidents such as furnace leakage, furnace piercing, and explosion caused by contact between molten iron and coolant are very easy to occur, and the production is very dangerous. For this reason, the iron and steel industry must continuously increase investment in research and development of related technologies for continuous heating furnaces in order to ensure the safety of core equipment and operators.

In order to prevent and contain continuous heating furnace safety accidents and further improve the safety production management level of iron and steel smelting enterprises, many iron and steel material engineering experts have invested in the exploration of applying cutting-edge technology to continuous heating furnace operations.

Luoyang Judian closely focuses on the development of technical varieties in the industry and the work of cost reduction and efficiency increase, strengthens technical theory, carries out targeted research, vigorously promotes the quality and increment of high value-added steel technology products, continues to deepen lean production, and enhances product diversification Production efficiency and cost control capabilities have helped the steel industry achieve a historic leap from large to strong.

Luoyang Judian will continue to increase the research and development of related technologies in the iron and steel field, accurately grasp the strategic opportunities for technological development in key areas of the iron and steel industry, and continuously improve the effective supply level of iron and steel products through efficient and reasonable technology allocation. The key technology supply system contributes important technical strength to the structural adjustment, transformation, and upgrading of the industry. In the future, the iron and steel industry will still be inseparable from the promotion of technological innovation in order to form a high-quality development pattern with a reasonable layout structure, stable resource supply, advanced technical equipment, high level of intelligence, and green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.

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