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Matters Needing Attention in the Use of Electric Furnace for Aluminum Melting


The electric furnace for aluminum melting is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving furnace. It can well meet the requirements of the aluminum smelting process: strict alloy composition requirements, discontinuous production, and large single furnace capacity. What's more, it can reduce burning loss, improve product quality, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, and increase production efficiency. It is suitable for intermittent operations, smelting with a lot of alloys and recycled materials.

Judian Electric Furnace for Aluminum Melting

Precautions Before Starting

Before starting the electric furnace for aluminum melting, it is necessary to check whether the pushing and discharging devices, circulating water, air pressure, etc. are normal, whether the limit switch, manual and automatic switch positions are at the required positions, and whether the materials on the workbench meet the requirements of forgings. Always pay attention to the cooling water, because the cooling water is the lifeline of the induction furnace. The outlet water temperature must not exceed 60°C.

Precautions After Starting

1. After the electric furnace for aluminum melting starts, adjust the heating parameters and wait until stable. Then, proceed to normal heating production.

2. The electric furnace for aluminum melting should be placed correctly during the charging process. All large aluminum materials need to be processed before being loaded, and the method needs to be paid attention to. The irregular side should be placed upward as much as possible to avoid jamming the furnace lining.

3. When the electric furnace for aluminum melting burns the material for the first time in the cold furnace, the rated power cannot be used immediately.

We should set 60%-75% of the normal power for low-temperature heating, so as to avoid cracks in the lining refractory material.

Until the lining temperature uniformly reaches about 90℃, we can use the full power. Then, the formal forging operation can be started.

4. The electric furnace for aluminum melting should not have billets of two parts at the same time in front of the furnace and on the workbench. The furnace worker must put the remaining billets heated before work into the material box, indicate the specifications and status of the billets, and put them in the induction furnace.

5. Reasonably design the furnace structure to improve the effective use of energy. The main factors to improve efficiency are refractory materials, heat insulation materials, furnace structure, control system, burner system, and other factors. Refractory heat insulation materials have good heat resistance and heat insulation, which will reduce energy consumption and improve their energy-saving effect.

At Last

The intermediate frequency heating furnace is a kind of electric heating furnace. It has many advantages, such as fast heating, less oxidation and decarburization, good working conditions, and easy mechanization and automation. The performance is not strong enough, and when the size and shape of the blank changes within the specified requirements, such as shortening the length or adding a new blank size, etc., then it is not possible to simply discharge and push the material at will and must be related according to the design requirements of the sensor. Only in this way can we guarantee the heating quality of the billet. Otherwise, heating defects will occur.

The above are the precautions when using an electric furnace for aluminum melting. Luoyang Judian is a professional manufacturer of electric furnaces for aluminum melting. If you have any questions about the electric furnace for aluminum melting, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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