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How to make the production of the new induction furnace safe?


The induction furnace is the main mechanical equipment for hot metal heating. Because the electromagnetic induction heating principle is used, the melting process of the induction furnace is stable and the production efficiency is relatively high.

In the process of using the induction furnace, there will also be some safety hazards. In any machinery industry, maintaining a safe production process is an important job.

After purchasing a new furnace, there are a few things that employees who normally operate an induction furnace need to acquire. This knowledge allows them to better keep the device working.

for example:

Inspection of knotted material. There should be no debris or iron filings in the knotted material of the induction furnace. Before each smelting and feeding, carefully check the furnace lining for cracks and perforations. Once there is a problem, it must be dealt with promptly, the lining is torn off and knotted again.

When the induction furnace is in normal production, there will be some metals attached to the coils of the intermediate frequency furnace. The operator needs to clean them up in time to prevent them from bringing hidden dangers to safe production.

Daily maintenance. Regularly check the cooling circulating water pump, float and electronic control elements of the furnace to see if they are normal. It is necessary to clear the blockage of the pipeline in time to prevent the failure of the circulating water system.

Managers should be guided and trained in their daily work. Strengthen employees' knowledge of safe production of smelting furnace equipment and develop good habits to deal with some common emergencies.

When the staff is using the electric furnace, they must wear protective equipment, such as gloves and protective clothing, to ensure their personal safety. This is also the most important part of all work.

This is what we share with you today about ensuring the safe production of intermediate frequency furnaces. Hope it can help you.

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