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How to Save Energy in the Melting Process of an Induction Furnace?


In the metal smelting industry, induction furnaces are widely used. In actual production, the rational use of electric furnaces is of great significance to the entire production line, especially in improving production efficiency of the production line and reducing energy consumption.

Today, the editor of Judian will summarize with you how to use the industrial melting furnace process to save energy.

First of all, you need to process the packing material. The charged charge is appropriately classified according to its chemical composition, impurities, and block size.

The size of the filling block should be adapted to the frequency of the power supply. The frequency of the power supply used by the induction furnace decreases with the increase in the furnace capacity. The induced current's penetration depth and the metal charge's geometric size are properly matched.

This work can shorten heating time, improve thermal efficiency, and reduce power consumption. Avoid delaying the smelting time of the whole process, increasing material consumption, and power consumption, and even scrapping the molten steel due to unqualified components of the charge.

We want to extend the continuous smelting time as much as possible. The unit consumption of electric energy has a lot to do with the smelting method. When the advanced intermediate frequency induction melting furnace is cold started, the unit power consumption is 580kw*h/t.

When the electric furnace is in operation, the unit power consumption is 505-545 kw*h/t, and if the continuous feeding operation is performed, the unit power consumption is 494 kw*h/t.

When conditions permit, centralized continuous smelting should be arranged as much as possible, one smelting heat should be increased as much as possible, the continuous smelting time should be extended, the number of cold furnace smelting will be reduced, and power consumption will be reduced.

We need to adopt reasonable furnace operation technology. Control the additional amount of the subsequent charge for each temperature rises. After the molten steel is transferred to the ladle, an appropriate amount of heat preservation agent and slag remover should be added in time to reduce the loss of the molten steel pouring process.

In the smelting operation, the temperature is raised for a short time before pouring, and the molten iron is kept at a lower temperature during the rest of the time, which can reduce the erosion of the furnace lining by the high-temperature molten iron, prolong the service life of the furnace lining and reduce power consumption.

Finally, we can save electricity and reduce consumption by strengthening the management and maintenance of furnace equipment.

Standardize the operation process requirements of furnace building, oven, sintering, smelting, etc. Strictly implement the maintenance system related to the power supply, so that the furnace age can be effectively improved, thereby reducing power consumption.

This is our knowledge sharing about induction furnaces today, welcome to follow Luoyang Judian for more information.

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